I made this Sweet 16 cake for my granddaughter’s 16th birthday. Problem was….  she lives in Tenn. and we live in Kansas. Plus all the kids in TN wanted to ‘help’!  I made my cakes a head of time and put them in the freezer.  My husband rented some dry ice to put in a cooler then we boxed the cakes and set them in the cooler.  It took more than 18 hours to drive out.  I was very pleased when we arrived that my cakes were still frozen solid.  I made the frosting, the owls, and the clover tree at home and just assembled everything after we arrived.  I hate decorating cakes in my daughter-in-laws kitchen since she is such a neat freak and I always make a huge mess!

My granddaughter loved the tree on top.  I told her that was her birthday gift form me.  I created a brand new species of tree just for her birthday.  They are 4-leaf clover trees and only magically owls and find them in perch on their branches.  She thought that was hilarious but her little brother and sister believed me!

I also created a candy and cookie buffet to go with the cake.  My daughter-in-law insists that everyone in there house eats only healthy foods.  So I am sure that as soon as we left – she tossed all the left over cake, candy and cookies.  Oh well, that is what makes visits from grandma fun – you get to break the rules a little!