Wild Night Bachelorette Cake

I was put in charge of making dessert for my friend’s bachelorette party. I wanted to do something different besides the cookies shaped like a certain male body part. We had those too! But I wanted a cake to represent our night. I knew I needed a girl for it and thought for a while when I realized, DUH! Barbie! I ran to Target and found a Barbie that was ready for a night on the town!

The best was the unintentional treasure I found on the box. There was photos of Barbie and her friends partying it up! I messed up Barbie’s hair and tested different positions and found this disheveled look to be my favorite. I threw her shoe to the side and her purse next to her. The photos from the box were added as a background. The girls loved it! The cake was delicious.

From scratch funfetti, the bride to be’s favorite! We all knew our night would be a wild time! What we didn’t expect was the amazing night Barbie had! We decided to take her along. The photo trail of her night was ridiculous. She must have gone home with a DJ from a nightclub because that was the last photo of her and the last we’ve seen of her. If anyone sees her hanging on the streets of Philly, let her know we miss her!

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