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Wrestling Ring Cake

To create this wrestling ring cake, I made a 4 layer cake, with a pineapple cream cheese and custard mixture in-between each layer. I used buttercream to coat. Large Marshmallow and mini marshmallows dipped in chocolate and held together by a skewer and toothpicks are the sides of the ring. I used Twizzler rope for the ropes, connected to the marshmallows using toothpicks. My son loved it.

3 thoughts on “Wrestling Ring Cake”

  1. love this cake, I am going to try to attempt it tonight, one question, how did the Twizzlers stay in the marshmallows?? Help, thanks.

  2. This is a very neat cake, my son will be turning 8 in December and he loves Wrestling, so we are going to give him a Wrestling Party, so I was trying to get some ideas on how to do a wrestling ring cake,this one looks great and I also love the tip about using Marshmallows for the ring posts, its the best idea I’ve seen yet!

  3. i used the same concept for my wrestling ring cake. but used old fashioned candy stick for the post and old fashioned rope licorice for the ring. it worked out fairly well and my nephew loved it.


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