Yo Ho Mates Pirate Birthday Cake

I make my son a special birthday cake every year, I have made a caterpillar (4ft) Tootles from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. and this year is my favorite . I gave him 3 choices, Cars , Trains or a pirate ship (he’s all about pirates right now). So that’s what he picked.

I tried a new recipe…… bad idea . The cake came out kinda like a tire, lol. So at 9.30 pm the night before the party I trashed all the cake I made, went to the store, got more stuff and started over. I was up till 5 am then back at it at 7 am ( the party was at noon ). I was so tired but the look on my baby boy’s face when he saw his cake will stay with me forever.

We share a birthday but I stopped celebrating mine when I had him. People ask me why, and I tell them all the same thing. All I will want for my birthday is to see the look of amazement and sheer joy on his face . I want him to have great memories. A childhood lasts for such a short time .