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“Your cake deserves more than a moment of glory. Share it here and inspire fellow cake makers for generations to come!

Photos: If your photos are too large for the upload, just reduce their size using any one of the many photo editing apps. Or, just send them to yourself using Whatsapp, for instance, and save to your phone/computer. If you run into any problems using the form, you can mail your entry to coolestparties[at]

How to Make Sure Your Cake Gets Approved?

  • Your cake needs to be homemade by you.
  • Your write-up and photos need to be original and can’t be copied from any other source.
  • Your write-up needs to be at least 150 words.
  • You need to upload at least one photo (you can upload up to ten photos).
  • Please don't send photo collages, photos that are low resolution, small, watermarked or photoshopped.

Cool! You’ve selected the "Submission With Steps" form. Let’s make it easy for you…

  • Tell us your cake's story. Explain how you made it, but also share how it went, what reactions it got, what was funny or difficult about making it, and anything else that may bring a smile to our faces. Write at least 300 words, but just let it flow - the more the merrier.
  • Write an Introduction and add up to six steps.
  • Save your writeup in a text editor like "Word" so nothing gets lost. Your submission should have an introduction and up to six more steps.
  • Give your cake submission a compelling title
  • Each step should have it’s own heading (normally 6-9 words)
  • Click the “+” tab below to add the number of steps.
  • Select the “Intro” tab and paste the Title. Then paste the introduction you wrote.
  • Select the Step 1 tab and paste the Heading and Step 1 Write-up.
  • Continue to the next Step tab until you’re done.

Can't wait to see your submission, Good Luck!

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IMPORTANT: After pressing Submit, you should be redirected to a Thank You page where you”ll be asked to add your contact info. If you are experiencing difficulties with this form, or are not redirected to the next page, please email your photos, writeup and details to coolestparties[at] and we’ll add your submission manually.