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1000+ Cool Sports Cakes for Passionate Sports Fans

These sports cakes will suffice for a true sports enthusiast. Whether you actively participate in a sport, or cheer from the sidelines, you will find the coolest sports birthday cakes here.

There are many spherical sports birthday cakes to be found in this section. For instance, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs and golf balls. They that look like you could actually pick them up and throw them! You may choose to eat them instead.

Some teams inspire incredibly passionate fans. American Football teams like the Seahawks, Redskins and Panthers make their mark on a number of cakes. Football teams across the pond, like Arsenal and Manchester United also make a fair showing here.

All sports are included here. From gymnastics to horse riding and from rock climbing to cheerleading, these sports birthday cakes are practically bursting with energy!

So put on your helmet cake and jump on your dirt bike cake for a cool rider to these awesome cakes.

And don’t forget… if you end up with a cool cake, have great tips to share or pictures of awesome birthday cakes you’ve made in the past, share them here and be a part of our coolest birthday cake community.

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Football Stadium Cake by Belita

Football Stadium Sports Cakes

Belita has been a volunteer baker with a wonderful National Charity called Cake4kids, which bakes birthday cakes for Foster Children; most of whom have never had a birthday cake. This year she made them this amazing cake. Read more about this Football Stadium Cake…