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Cake by Amy B., Kansas City, MO

Coolest Guitar Cakes

This cake was the result of a request for a Hannah Montana guitar cake. I used an actual children’s guitar to carve the correct shape, estimate the size of the guitar and replicated the strings, knobs etc. I also found great ideas from this site for guitar cakes. The cake is a four layer fudge cake with fudge frosting. I left the sides of the big part of the guitar unfrosted to give a more “wooden” appearance. The pink details are done with buttercream frosting.

Cake by Rachael O., Mukilteo, WA

Guitar Cake

For my niece’s 11th birthday I made her a Hannah Montana cake. This one was fairly simple. I thought it would be too hard to do Hannah Montana’s face so I decided to go with the guitar. I found an outline of a guitar from this website for guitar cakes and printed it and blew it up at Kinko’s. I transferred the picture onto wax paper. (I pretty much do this with all the cakes I’ve done-it just seems a lot easier.) Then I rolled out the fondant, put the wax paper over it and took a sharp object (like a shish kabob skewer) and poked holes on the outline to transfer it onto the fondant. I did the same with the Hannah Montana logo.

I then outlined them both with the purple gel icing that comes in the tube. Let it set in the fridge for a while to harden. I then filled in the guitar with purple frosting (used white mixed with purple frosting die). I used a small star tip for that. The Hannah Montana logo I filled in with the gel icing. I baked and frosted the cake. (It is a 12×18 cake pan.) Put the guitar and logo where I wanted them. I bought the microphone, glasses, bracelet and cell phone from Wal-Mart (they came in a bag together) and placed those where I wanted them also.

I normally take the cake out of the pan and put it on cardboard cake plate. But I had to travel with this cake to the party. And I have yet to find a cake box that big yet.

Cake by Denise D., Oshawa, ON

Guitar Cake

For this cake I used about 2.5 dozen cupcakes. I placed them on a large cake board in the shape of a guitar (this must be an “approximate” shape because any sharp edges will now be round unless you decide to cut the cupcakes to reach your desired design).

Once they were placed on the board in the shape I wanted I used a small amount of buttercream on the bottom of the cupcakes to hold them in place. I then covered all the cupcakes in a flat layer of icing (no separation between cupcakes) and then filled in the design with the star tip. I used buttercream icing for the entire head and chocolate for the handle.

Once it was all covered I placed two gumball “knobs” on the cake and called it a day!, If you are looking for easy guitar cakes, this is it!

Cake by Renee S., Wesley Chapel, FL

Guitar Cake

I made this cake for our music minister’s birthday. I could not find anything on the web for guitar cakes this size so I used a real acoustic guitar to make the size and shape. It fed about 200 people. It was 42″ long and 21″ wide. The tuning knobs were made out of gum paste and the rest is covered in fondant. For the strings I used copper, silver and gold thread. This was the only part not edible.

To make the wood grain I mixed gel food coloring with a small amount of vegetable oil and painted it on with paint brush.

Cake by Michelle C., Hanover, PA

Guitar Cake

Two of my daughters have birthdays that are only two days apart. We decided to have a double birthday party. Just so it would be extra special we wanted to honor their true love for Hannah Montana. After searching forever on the internet and finding nothing my husband and I had to get a little creative. Making Hannah Montana would have been crazy so we made them guitar cakes.

We used two 9X13 inch yellow cakes and cut them into the shape of a guitar. The first cake is laid down whole. The second cake had the handle cut out and the top part of the guitar just above the first whole cake. The tuners on top were cut from the scrap pieces after rounding into the shape of a guitar. I iced it with vanilla frosting with food coloring to dye it purple. We added fondant to the middle stars and heart (using cookie cutters) and made music notes out of fondant. The strings are black licorice.

We added the black fondant to the top and bottom to stop them from curling up. Lastly we put some decorations on it with some green icing just to make it look prettier. All of the girls at the party loved it. It was the hit of the party.

Guitar Cake
Guitar Cake
Guitar Cake

Cake by Chris E., Auckland, New Zealand

Guitar Cake

I used a nice moist chocolate cake and cut out from a picture of other guitar cakes and used butter cream icing.

Cake by Erica R., Pflugerville, TX

Guitar Cake

I got the idea for this cake off of pictures and hints from this website for guitar cakes. I traced my husband’s Xbox guitar and scaled it down to size. I then used the template to cut a rectangular cake board into the body, the shaft and the end piece for the strings.

I baked two rectangular cakes. I placed the guitar shaped cardboard on one cake and cut around it to form the body of the guitar. I removed the extra pieces. Once I had the shape I flipped the pan and released the cake right onto the cardboard. I did the same for the shaft and end piece (they fit side by side on the second rectangular cake). I iced the three cake pieces separately and refrigerated them over night. The next day before the party I placed the three pieces on a long board and added more icing to cover the joints and added the final touches.

I used kisses for the controls, a candy cane for a whammy bar, white kisses near the end of the strings and white chocolate covered graham crackers for the string tighteners. I used icing for the strings.

Cake by,

Crystal A., Easley, SC

Guitar Cake

I made this cake for my friend that absolutely loves Elvis. I got the guitar cake idea from this website for other guitar cakes and this is the second guitar cake I have made. This is the best website for neat cake ideas!

I first baked a 1/2 sheet cake, 11×13 cake and two 9″ cakes. I let the cakes cool and then placed the 1/2 and 11×13 cakes on a covered piece of cardboard. I then cut out the shape of the guitar, the 1/2 sheet cake as the body of the guitar and the 11×13 sheet cake as the neck and head.

Guitar Cake

I covered the body and head of the guitar with blue, yellow and white buttercream icing and the neck with chocolate icing. I placed Junior Mints on the cake as the volume knobs and tuner knobs. To hold the tuner knobs in the guitar head I used toothpicks. The strings on the guitar are elastic that you can buy at Wal-Mart. I tied toothpicks on each end of the string and placed on the cake. I placed mini marshmallows (like in the hot cocoa mix) on the toothpicks. For the round cake I ordered my personalized edible image from eBay. I iced my cake with buttercream icing and placed the image on the cake. Be sure to read the directions with the edible image, they are sometimes hard to remove from their backing.,

Cake by Rebecca M., Sheffield, MA

Guitar Cake

I made this for my nephew’s 16th birthday. He owns and loves a Fender Stratocaster which is what I based this cake on. This was my first try at guitar cakes. I made it full size by tracing the outline of his guitar. I baked four box cake mixes in two disposable pasta pans 11.5″ X 19″ (two mixes per pan). When they were completely cool I laid the template on the cake and trimmed around it with a very sharp knife. I cut most of the body out of one cake and the neck and remaining pieces out of the second cake. I then froze the pieces for a couple hours so they’d be easier to handle. It helps if you lay Saran Wrap under the cakes so you can easily move the pieces once they’re cut.

I colored two cans of white frosting blue one can wood color and one can I used part of it white and tinted the rest gray to fill the screw holes with. I bought a pick plate to lie on the cake and then gave it to my nephew as a gift. I frosted under it in white. For the frets I rolled toothpicks in aluminum foil. The finger dots are upside down chocolate chips. The tuning knobs are made from gumdrops (I cut the bottoms off and covered them in foil) held in with foil covered toothpicks. The dials are Rolos covered in foil and folded slightly larger at the base. Foil covered Pez candies where the strings are held on, metallic embroidery floss for the strings (six strands for top string then one less strand each down to single strand on the bottom).

The amp plug is foil with a stainless steel decorator tip pushed though and a length of licorice as the cord. Hershey Kisses for the strap pegs and gumdrop tip rolled in my fingers for the other knob held on with a foil wrapped toothpick. I also sprinkled the blue frosted part with a little blue sugar to give it that metallic look. If I hadn’t gone with the real pick plate I was planning on frosting the area white and sprinkling white chocolate shavings on top to give it a similar look.

I think I did quite well with my first try at guitar cakes and my nephew was quite surprised when he saw this “masterpiece”

Cake by Terry A., Easley, SC

Guitar Cake

A friend of mine’s daughter wanted a Hanna Montana cake for her birthday. We decided to make an electric guitar cake with the Hanna Montana logo on it. I started by making two cakes, a half sheet cake and an 11 x13 cake. While the cakes were baking I drew out the design of the guitar which I copied from other guitar cakes. I wanted it to be “life size” so I had to draw my guitar on a couple of sheets of paper taped together. Then I cut the out the guitar to use as a stencil.

I placed the cooled cakes together on a full sheet cake box then laid the stencil on the cake and cut out my design. I free handed the Hanna Montana logo with icing first then iced the body and head of the guitar with butter cream icing with the star tip.

Guitar Cake

I used chocolate icing for the neck. For the accessories: the volume knobs are Junior Mints; for the tuner knobs I inserted toothpicks into Junior Mints and inserted the toothpick into the head of the guitar. The guitar strings are made out of elastic (you can find these in the craft section). I cut the elastic string to the length I wanted and tied both ends (double knot) to toothpicks. I inserted them into the cake raising the strings up from the cake to look realistic. I only put three strings, it would look better with five or so. I cut pink marshmallows to cover the toothpicks that were sticking up from the guitar strings.

There you have it. My first try at guitar caked and the birthday girl seemed to love it!

Cake by Steph D., Willard, MO

Guitar Cake

This cake was made for a friend who wanted a dance party with a 50’s flair!! He loves guitars so I searched the web for guitar cakes and made this life size guitar cake. I used an 11×15 sheet cake then cut out the body of the guitar. I iced it blue then used a bit of the Wilton spray around the edges to create a more detailed paint job. I colored the cutout black and added a bit more detailing to the body.

Then I iced black a couple of wafer cookies for the string base and strung thick thread through the icing (carefully!). I let that dry overnight so the strings would hold better. Then the neck of the guitar is cardboard (iced black)and built up on the very end to match the height of the cookies holding up the strings. I iced down the strings and then used some candy wrappers to create the tuners on the sides. P.S. the neck of the guitar is supported on the end by another wafer cookie standing on end!

Cake by Penny S., Akron, OH

Guitar Cake

I made this cake for my son’s birthday. I made an exact replica of his bass that he got for his birthday. First I traced the guitar onto a long piece of cardboard. I then used wax paper to trace out a pattern from the cardboard. I baked four 9×13 cakes. Using the wax paper patterns I cut out the shapes and pieced them together on the foil covered cardboard.

I had to use four batches of frosting, coloring them with food coloring. For the shiny parts of the guitar I used foil and pressed it into the frosting. This was a big hit seeing as it was the first time for me making guitar cakes. All the guitar playing teenagers that came to my son’s party loved the cake.

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