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400+ Coolest Doll and Barbie Cake Ideas

Like Barbie herself, these doll and Barbie cake ideas cover just about everything! Using buttercream frosting or fondant, take on the challenge of a dress maker and create a gorgeous garment Barbie would be proud of.

To construct your cake, the size of your doll makes a difference. Measure her height and figure out how tall your cake should be. Furthermore, read on to see the creative ways our decorators have baked and assembled their cakes.

Once your structure is in place, the rest is a girly dream come true! Princesses abound in this section. Learn how to make Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sofia the First, and more. Let it go and give your little girl an Elsa doll cake she can sing to. Additionally, for a darker look, check out the incredibly detailed Monster High doll cakes.

We want to see your cakes! Send us a picture of your doll cake and inspire others with your beautiful, ruffly creation.

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Barbie Cake

This Barbie cake was prepared by the lovely babysitter that would always surprise us. The year my daughter turned 6 she was really into Barbies. So it had to be a Barbie cake.

My babysitter took the legs off a Barbie, baked a normal cake and shaped it into a dress. She added layers of jam between the cake slices. Then, she covered it with a thin layer of marzipan (in pink of course). Special mention has to go to the frills on the dress that took her 3 hours to make… She then picked some bougainville from the garden and look at the result! The kids were screaming when we cut it, because it looked too good to eat.

Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie cake contributed by Joanna Williams, Belle Chasse, LA

Barbie Cake Picture

To make this cake I first purchased a cheap Barbie type doll from the Dollar store. I used a regular cake mix and baked it in 2 glass Pyrex measuring cups, one a 4-cups sized, and one a 2-cups sized. After cakes cooled I put the smaller one on top (with a little bit of frosting to hold the two cakes together.

I removed the legs from the doll and pushed her into the top of the cakes. After that I just tinted the frosting and decorated using a decorator bag and a star tip. My daughter LOVED this cake! I saved the legs from the doll and she got another Barbie when it was all done.

Pretty Barbie Cake Idea

Barbie cake idea contributed by Julie T., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Barbie Cake Picture

My daughter Emily turned 4 in April and wanted a princess party, including a fairy princess cake. So my mother undertook to make her cake, which was chocolate-chocolate chip as requested by my daughter. She used a doll dress cake pan, and purchased the doll top which has a stick which you push down into the dress part of the Barbie cake.

My mom made a wand from a pipecleaner, got wings from a toy of some kind, and the accessories (necklace, crown etc) came from my daughter’s Barbie collection. She decorated the torso of the doll with icing, and designed the decoration of the dress. I suggested yellow as a color.

We couldn’t decide however where to put the candles, we didn’t think it would look right to stick them in the actual cake/dress. My daughter loves strawberries so I came up with the idea to stick the 4 candles into strawberries which we put in front of the body of the cake. We secured the berries to the pan with extra icing leftover from decorating the Barbie cake.

My daughter loved it and everyone was very impressed that the Barbie cake was hand-made.

Stunning Yellow Barbie Cake

Barbie cake idea contributed by Silvia M., Miami, FL

Barbie Cake Picture

My 3 year old daughter wanted a two layer Barbie cake. There were going to be only a few kids invited, so I really didn’t need a two layer cake!!! But she insisted! So I baked a Betty Crocker cake out of a box, had my favorite baker sell me some of her frosting plain white and I dyed it at home. With some alphabet cookie cutters I made the “Happy Birthday Marcella” on the front.

The best part is that the bottom layer of the Barbie cake is a fake!!!! It’s just frosting!! But it made her wish come true to have a two layer cake. And with one of her Barbie dolls on the top I finished the cake.

Great Tips to Make This Cool Barbie

Barbie cake idea contributed by Mary C., Lancaster, PA

Barbie Cake Picture

For my daughter’s 6th birthday she wanted some type of Barbie cake. She wanted a pink dress with purple and teal colors. This is what I came up with.

I thought a Barbie cake with a pom-pom type dress would be easy and look nice. I used two boxed cake mixes, but would recommend 3 to make it. Use two round cake pans, and a 2 Qt. glass Pyrex bowl to make the rounded top. This combo will also give you identical size bottoms so you don’t have to chop any of the cake off.

I cooked the Pam-sprayed round cakes according to directions and I baked the Pyrex cake for about 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the bottom comes out nearly clean. Don’t worry, any slightly overcooked edges on top can be sliced off. Cool completely before assembly. Speed this up by putting the metal cake pans in the freezer and when the Pyrex bowl cake is semi cool you can flip the cake onto a plate and also cool in the freezer.

Assembling The Dress

To assemble the Barbie cake, I put two bottom layers on a cake plate. Remember to frost between layers (I put a thin layer between to make sure I had enough to frost the outside.) Then top with rounded cake. Cut a small hole and remove cake to just fit an unclothed Barbie in and fill with some frosting to hold her in place. (It would be a good idea to coat her feet and legs with some frosting to help situate her in the cake so she stands straight when you put her in.) Use your favorite frosting recipe.

I use a frosting that calls for powdered sugar. It took a full 32 oz. bag of powered sugar to frost it. Set aside some for other colors. Do a thinned layer of frosting over the whole cake called a crumb coat. (Use some frosting plus a little milk.) Then when dry, frost over the cake and decorate as you wish. I started with her outfit and worked down to the bottom when decorating. I used Swan Lake Odette Barbie for this Barbie cake. Her arms open and you can place a paper banner with your birthday message on it

Finishing Touch

Above her head (tape this on her hands just before serving) and her arms have decorative bans that you can leave on it to add an extra sparkle. To store the Barbie cake in your frig overnight, drape with plastic wrap. Her arms outspread make this an easy way to cover her without damaging the frosting.

I made this Barbie cake after I put my daughter in bed for the night. From start to finish it took me 3-1/2 hours. It was delicious and my daughter and husband loved it.

Fondant Barbie Cake

6 Barbie cake idea contributed by Melanie K., East Greenwich, RI

Barbie Cake Picture

I used this website and looked at all the Barbie cake pictures. I chose parts of all the cakes I liked.

The cake was made using 3 vanilla cake mixes (two tube cakes and one mix in a stainless steel mixing bowl).

I put the two tube cakes on the bottom and the bowl mix to make the “dome” of the dress. I used buttercream frosting in between the layers and on the outside.

Barbie Cake Picture

This was my first experience with fondant, it was so much easier than I had expected. I “wrapped” Barbie in pink fondant and then trimmed it into a dress. The fondant was rolled and draped over the frosted dress. I then cut out a small hole on top and put Barbie in (make sure the cake is high enough to go up to her waist).

I also wrapped her in “press and seal” wrap so she would not be ruined. In order to make sure Barbie’s hair wouldn’t be full of frosting, I wrapped it up in a baggie. When she was assembled I removed the baggie.

The details were white fondant cut from fondant cutters (cookie cutters would have worked). There were rough edges on the bottom so I added the white braid as trim. I found that anything could be hidden with trim or a cutout. From cooled cake to end result it took about 3 hours.

Most of the above info I received from the tips of others and other Barbie cake pictures on this site. She loved it and most of my friends and family thought I was hiding the bakery box.

Pretty In Pink Barbie

Barbie cake idea contributed by Heather D., Greenwood, SC

Barbie Cake Picture

I made this Barbie cake for a friends little girl. It was her 3rd Birthday and she wanted a PINK Barbie Cake. I used Wilton’s Wonder mold and we bought a Barbie. It was so much fun preparing her.

I used Duncan Hines cake mix but made the bundt cake on the side of the box. It tastes better and holds together a lot firmer. The cake wasn’t tall enough for Barbie so I cooked a 9 in round cake and stacked the wondermold on top. I also used some of the pink icing to help hold and to cover the whole inside of the cake.

Then, I mixed up the fondant (which is easier than you think) w/ pink coloring. I draped it and cut out a top for her. It is just like playing with play-do.

The dots on her dress are purple icing with pink marshmallows and more icing. I braided the fondant on the bottom for the bottom of her dress. I also put some stars in Barbie’s hair.

This Barbie cake was so easy and quick. I also made cupcakes and went and bought some Polly pocket princess dolls and stacked them on the cupcakes for each kid. It worked great and all the kids loved it.

Perfectly Piped Buttercream Barbie

Barbie cake idea contributed by Kim I., Fayetteville, NC

Barbie Cake Picture

This Barbie Cake is made using three cake mixes. Two tube pans and one oven proof mixing bowl. Bake these as directed. When baked and cooled, level off the tops of each cake. I found a mermaid Barbie, she already has a tiara and a pretty top, she also does not have any legs to worry about. If you choose a regular Barbie to decorate then wrap her legs with plastic wrap to make it easier going into the cake. I also wrapped her hair up to get it out of the way.

For my buttercream frosting, I like to add almond flavoring for a different flavor. This cake used about four recipes of my frosting!

Decorating Barbie’s Dress

Putting the Barbie cake together: The first batch of icing I just leave plain without adding color. Using either a knife or an apple corer I cut a hole, for the Barbie, in the round cake. You start by layering the first tube cake with icing then add the next tube cake. Ice the top of this one and then add the round cake, lining up the holes. It will take a bit of icing to even out the sides. I ice the whole cake and then insert the Barbie. I insert her into the cake up to her waist. This all may take two recipes of icing. Then you are ready to decorate.

I use a star tip on my Pampered Chef Easy Decorator. Tint your next batch of icing whatever color your birthday girl wants. I have made both pink and purple. You could decorate anyway you want at this point.

I try and assemble her on a pretty cake pedestal. We wrapped ribbon around the cake on the table and sprinkled glitter on the table.

When we cut the Barbie cake we remove the Barbie and then start with the first layer and work our way down.

Simple and Pretty

Barbie cake idea contributed by Tracey G., North Vancouver

Barbie Cake Picture

This Barbie cake is very simple… I used a store bought cake mix and poured some into a deep (oven proof) Pyrex bowl and the remainder into two round cake pans. After baking I put them on top of each other and froze them so I could later sculpt the “dress”. Dig a whole to fit “Barbie” to her waist and cover with icing.

The flowers are made from “Cake Mate” Decorating Icing (with Star tip) and a candy. Silverette was placed in the middle. Use a piping bag (with Star tip) to decorate Barbie’s bodice. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted such a Barbie cake project and I was thrilled as to how easy it was!!

Barbie Cake For a Princess

Barbie cake idea contributed by Altagracia H., Hammond, IN

Barbie Cake Picture

I baked a 9×13 cake for the base and I used a round glass bowl for the bottom of the dress. For the skirt, I used fondant. And for the top part, I used the princess Aurora doll and stuck in the center of the cake.

I baked about sixty cupcakes to go around the cake (we have a big family). Everybody loved the cake!! My sister made a crown for the piñata and I made the treat bags. The whole princess theme was a hit. This was for my daughter’s first birthday.

Barbie Cake Picture

Lovely Barbie Cake

Barbie cake idea contributed by Tanya C., Petit Rocher, NB, Canada

Barbie Cake Picture

I bought an inexpensive Barbie since I had to take the legs off, however we were able to put them back on later. I used a dome shaped pan and 1 cake mix. For the frosting I used a rosebud tip and I put the frosting right on the Barbie in order to blend everything together.

Barbie and Swan Lake

Barbie cake idea contributed by Bobbie R., Northampton, PA

Barbie Cake Picture

My daughter asked for two cakes this year for her fifth birthday (one for her party with her friends and another for the family party). For the family party she wanted a Barbie Swan Lake cake and of course I was so excited to make it for her.

I made a basic sheet cake for the bottom and decorated it with the lake and the swan. The Barbie was easy to make. You can either buy a Barbie doll pan or use a metal mixing bowl. I used a Barbie doll pan and it turned out perfect.

Using a knife, I hollowed out an area for the Barbie’s legs and body. Then I simply pushed the Barbie right in the center of the cake and decorated her with icing. I used a cake decorating kit for the details. It was amazing how my daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw it.