Coolest Lily Cake 112

Homemade Lily Cake

I made my Lily cake for my church birthday party. I wanted to make it elegant, so I made it a yellow color. I don’t know if you guys think it’s too yellow or not, however, it looks eye catching.. LOL The cake was all red velvet with cream cheese butter cream and the flowers … Read more

Coolest Octopus Cake 30

Homemade Octopus Cake

Two months ago I made a birthday cake for my brother. I was confused on what I’m gonna give to him as a present. Since he never got any birthday cakes from me before, I thought why don’t I give it a shot! So, I did this octopus cake. It’s a two tiers cake, the … Read more

Coolest Basketball Cake 39

Homemade Basketball Cake

I made this basketball cake for my cousin’s birthday last week. He’s such a huge fan of basketball. And I thought why don’t I try to surprise him with my cake. And I did it and the result is there, he was surprised. For the ball, I made it from the Wilton sports pan and … Read more