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Cool Homemade Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake for my brother’s wedding.  His wife said I just want it square and purple and turquoise other than that surprise me.  So I decided to do the layers offset and added the ribbon on bottom and hand did the decorations on top.  The layers I also added sixlets candies.  

The cake went over extremely well and I even got a hug from the father of the bride who was so happy with this cake and a groom cake I made that had a topper with a bride and groom wearing a charger helmet and a bears helmet.  I was so happy that I was able to make a cake to help my brother and his wife celebrate their special day.

I used a butter utter cream recipe I have that includes marshmallow cream.  The icing is great because it isn’t super sweet, but it spreads and smooths well.  The hardest part for me is always to get the icing super smooth. I was so happy with how closely I was able to the icing to match the sixlet colors.  The ribbon is the only uneatable part of the cake and was purchases in the cake section of a craft store.

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