Cool Homemade Princess Barbie Cake Using Wilton Classic Wonder Mold

Coolest Princess Barbie Cake

I used a basic cake mix using a Wilton Classic Wonder Mold for this princess Barbie cake. I used cranberry marmalade instead  of butter cream because of storage concerns. I colored the fondant with violet and kept the main skirt white. Ruffles went on first, then the doll body top and styled her hair. I … Read more

Coolest Barbie Princess

Homemade Barbie Princess

I have been baking for many years but just recently started finishing cakes with fondant. Using the internet and online videos I’ve learned to improve my baking skills bit by bit. Meal time has always been important in our family. Baking bread, cupcakes, cookies and cakes gives much joy to all of the family. I … Read more