Coolest Pepsi Cake

Homemade Pepsi Cake

I made this Pepsi Cake for a Pepsi-aholic’s 40th birthday. 9×13 cake carved in the shape of the Pepsi bottle. I covered the cake with Wilton’s chocolate decorating icing, then used fondant for the lid and label. The letters were made by placing wax paper over an actual label and tracing them with melted fondant/writing … Read more

Coolest Chanel Purse Cake

Homemade Chanel Purse Cake

I made this Chanel Purse Cake for a friend’s birthday. She wanted the real thing but got this instead. I used rolled fondant and tinted it pink. I then used a fondant roller to make the quilted pattern. The logo and handle were made of fondant as well.

Coolest Scream Mask Cake

Homemade Scream Mask Cake

I made this Scream Mask Cake for a “40th Birthday SCREAM” party. I baked 2 9×13 cakes, put together and cut out the shape of the mask. The mask is covered in white and black fondant.