Cute Homemade Construction Cake With Toy Tonkas

Construction Cake

My son loves construction trucks, so I decided to make him a construction cake. I used butter cream frosting and the Wilton gel coloring to get the proper colors. The dirt pile was extra cake crumbles, the road was crushed graham cracker, the grass was coconut dyed with green food coloring, and the rocks and … Read more

Coolest Army Battlefield Cake

Homemade Army Battlefield Cake

I am not a baker at all, in fact my cakes usually fall apart. However, I decided to try my hand at decorator cakes for the first time this fall for my oldest and youngest sons’ birthdays, (each of their cakes are on this website) so my middle son was of course expecting the same … Read more

Coolest Guitar Cake 71

Electric Guitar Cake

My son just turned 12- being a preteen it takes a lot to “wow” him. I am not the domestic baker type, so I knew that he would be the pretty surprised by a guitar cake (he plays acoustic and electric). My husband rented the Wilton guitar cake from a cake supply store, and he … Read more