Coolest Cupcake Alligator Birthday Cake

Homemade Cupcake Alligator Birthday Cake

I actually made this homemade cupcake alligator birthday cake for my grandson’s 8th birthday in 2009. I had seen a book that was all cakes designed with cupcakes and thought it was cool. I looked at this site and got some ideas and then came up with a plan. I baked the cupcakes in the … Read more

Coolest Birthday Armadillo Cake

Homemade Birthday Armadillo Cake

My Grandson has always talked about an Armadillo Cake. His other Grandpa and him have gone back and forth about getting an armadillo cake. For his Grandpa’s birthday they had the bakery add a little armadillo in the corner. Grandma Kathy said it looked like a mouse. His 9th birthday was coming up on April … Read more

Coolest Southern Belle Doll Birthday Cake

Homemade Southern Belle Doll Birthday Cake

My Granddaughter turned 3 this year. Several months ago I purchased a beautiful Collectible Porcelain Doll for her. It had a frilly lavender dress with a matching hat and purse. Of course it had her blond hair. So for her birthday I wanted to stay with that theme for the cake. She wanted pink and … Read more