Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake

My son Colby loves Spiderman. This was the first year I attempted making my children’s birthday cakes. After I made my younger child’s cake, I realized this wasn’t so hard after all. For this homemade Spiderman birthday cake I used a 13″ x 19″ cake pan for the bottom layer and cut the number 5 … Read more

Coolest Volcano Cake

Homemade Volcano Cake

My son was requesting a homemade volcano cake, I’m not sure why or where he even got the idea. He just says “I like volcano’s”. So that is what I made. We used two round tier cakes for the base and the volcano was made using the Wilton’s Barbie doll base pan. The lava is … Read more