Coolest Cub Scout Graduation Camping Cake

Homemade Cub Scout Graduation Camping Cake

This Cub Scout Graduation Camping Cake was for our year end scout celebration or cross-over ceremony. The cake is 1/2 a sheet cake, covered in butter cream frosting and spray painted green on top. The trees are fondant cones covered in royal icing, the bridge and tent are fondant also. The path way is made … Read more

Coolest 3D R2D2 Birthday Cake 52

Homemade 3D R2D2 Birthday Cake

I made this 3D R2D2 Birthday Cake for a friend whose son who loves Star Wars. This was my first 3 dimensional cake ever and was quite a challenge. It was also my first time sculpting with marshmallow cereal treats. The legs are made from cereal treats, covered in frosting then covered in fondant. The … Read more

Coolest Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cupcake Cake

Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake

This Golf Course Birthday Cake was for my father’s retirement from the ministry and included many of his favourite things, Church, Golf and Fishing. The cake is made up of about 50 cupcakes, the trees are sugar cones covered in royal icing, the fisherman, boat, golf bag, etc were hand sculpted from fondant and the … Read more

Coolest Mario Galaxy Birthday Cake

This Mario Galaxy Birthday Cake was for my son’s 9th birthday, he wanted Super Mario Galaxy. We had some friends over so we thought cupcakes would be cool. The cupcakes were frosted with white butter cream then I used spray blue colouring and sprinkled with edible stars. The figures on the cake were all hand … Read more