Coolest Alien Halloween Birthday Cake

Homemade Alien Halloween Birthday Cake

This Alien Halloween Birthday Cake is my 3 year old’s birthday cake. I wanted something very different and unique, yet I wanted to stick with it being for a toddler. So, nothing scary, just fun. This cake turned out to be so cute!!

Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Cake

This Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Cake was my son’s 2nd Halloween Birthday cake. I made it of fondant. This cake was the cutest thing ever and such a big hit. The pumpkin on top is made of fondant as well-too cute.

Coolest Halloween Ghost Birthday Cake

Homemade Halloween Ghost Birthday Cake

This Halloween Ghost Birthday Cake was my son’s very 1st Halloween Birthday cake. I wanted something different and unique. It was a three tier cake with buttercream frosting because I am not fond of fondant. It turned out perfect. The small pumpkins around the cake are actuall made of fondant, so they are edible.