Cool Homemade Cupcake Cake Using Wilton Cupcake 3D Pan

Homemade Giant Cupcake Cake

I used the Wilton cupcake 3D pan. I also used nails as a heating core in the center so it would cook even. This Giant Cupcake Cake sits on a 10 in base cake. The checkerboard ribbon is from a craft store. The numbers and name are made from candy melts. The icing is buttercream. … Read more

Homemade Transformers Birthday Cake

Homemade Bumblebee Transformers Birthday Cake

I printed a picture on a transformer on line and cut it out for this Transformers Birthday Cake. I placed it on the buttercream once it crusted and traced it with a tooth pick. Then I just filled in the inside according to the picture. The mask was very easy to trace and fill in. … Read more

Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake

Homemade Spongebob Birthday Cake

I used two 9×13 cake pans and stacked them. Then I trimmed the edges with a bread knife to get them square. The icing on the Spongebob Birthday Cake is buttercream and the bottom part is fondant. I just used the Wilton box kind because I didn’t need that much (it doesn’t taste that great … Read more

Cool Homemade Roller Skate Birthday Cake

Homemade Roller Skate Birthday Cake

I used the largest sheet cake that Wilton makes for this Roller Skate Birthday Cake. It takes about 3 cake box mixes. All the icing is buttercream. I traced a picture of a rollerskate I found online, then cut it out and outlined it with a tooth pick. It was so much easier than trying … Read more