Coolest 3D Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo Cake

After changing his mind several times, our now 4 year old decided on a ninja turtle cake for his birthday. We have the old Wilton pan that we’ve used before, but I wanted something different. I love the more realistic, aggressive looking ninja turtles over the cartoon and found a couple of reference images online. … Read more

Coolest Cowhide Baseball Glove Cake

Coolest Cowhide Baseball Glove Cake

I made this baseball glove cake for my little man who was turning 2. He lives, breathes, and loves baseball, so naturally, I had to make him a sweet cake. I’ve made ball cap cakes in the past, but thought I’d go with something a little more challenging, so I dug out my old glove and … Read more

Coolest Running Shoe Cake

My wife loves to run and got a new pair of shoes for an upcoming half marathon. I wanted to make her a cake for her birthday of the shoes, but she was always wearing them at work when I had time to work on the cake, so I found some images online. It was … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest with Skull Cake

I wanted to do a big skull cake, but didn’t want to pay $35 for the cake mold, so instead I paid $3 for a chocolate skull mold and made a treasure chest cake instead. The cake had half chocolate layers and half white cake. All details were made with homemade marshmallow fondant. The skull … Read more

Coolest Darth Vader Helmet Cake

Coolest Darth Vader Helmet Cake

The Darth Vader helmet cake was made from a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream filling and butter cream surrounded, with fondant covering. Started with an 8″ cake on the bottom, 6″ in the middle, and round/ball cake for the top. Crumb coated whole thing then, carved out the general shapes for the face, then … Read more

Coolest Hot Tub Cake

Homemade Hot Tub Cake

This Hot Tub Cake was for a friend who graduated with her master’s. They recently purchased a hot tub and thought that should be my theme. The cake was 2 layers with the top having an area hollowed out. It was covered in fondant that I marbled to match the color of their hot tub. … Read more

Coolest Wizard of OZ Birthday Cake

Homemade Wizard of OZ Birthday Cake

This Homemade Wizard of OZ Birthday Cake was for my sister-in-law’s birthday and graduation from college. She’s always liked the Wizard of Oz, so I thought I’d surprise her. I made the shoe with red melting chocolate in a high heel shoe mold and added a fondant bow and edible glitter. The yellow brick road … Read more