Coolest Rolling Stones Tongue Logo Cake

Coolest Rolling Stones Tongue Logo Cake

Hello, my name is Victor Lopez from Puerto Rico. I recently graduated from a free Bakery Course offered  the city. I am retired on social security disability and I am 59 years old.  Every couple of months I call a group of my musician friends  to jam or play classic rock which I love. I … Read more

Coolest Rolling Stones Logo Birthday Cake

Homemade Rolling Stones Logo Birthday Cake

This homemade Rolling Stones cake is chocolate with raspberry-vanilla filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. I hand made a stencil for the details and hand finished the outer edges. It was a small cake (that’s a 10″ cake board) which made it a pretty nice, mellow project. Spent lots of time smoothing the buttercream.

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I cut out the teeth and the other shapes on the cake and put them on the cake and traced around them with a toothpick. Slowly I piped in all the shapes and did the red last. The red frosting was very difficult to make.