Coolest Goofy Birthday Cake

Homemade Goofy Birthday Cake

This cake was a special request from my son for his uncle. I had made a Mickey Mouse cake (also posted to this website) and while my family was talking about my brother’s upcoming birthday and asked about his favorite cake, my son quickly said “a Goofy cake!” so I decided to surprise my brother. … Read more

Coolest Goofy Cake Design

Homemade Goofy Cake Design

Goofy is sculpted out of Rice Krispie cake. I took a colouring book picture of Goofy’s face and a stuffed Goofy, then sculpted the still-warm cake into the Goofy shape, using the picture for the outline and the stuffed animal for depth, then froze the finished cake sculpture. The square base is just a 9 … Read more

Coolest Goofy Cake

Homemade Goofy Cake

This was the Goofy birthday cake for my sons 7th birthday. I made a chocolate cake called NUTELLA-CAKE. All you need is: 350g flavor 4 eggs 200g sugar 200g butter 200g Nutella (choclate creme) 180ml milk 1teaspoon baking soda Mix all well and put it in the oven at 180°C for 50 minutes. I used … Read more