Coolest Moto Moto Cake

Homemade Moto Moto Cake

My son really loved Moto Moto from Madagascar 2. So I thought that it would be pretty simple to make him a Moto Moto cake for his 3rd birthday. I made 2 round cakes and cut out a slice off the side and then the ears to make the face shape. I then frosted the … Read more

Coolest Gloria and Moto Moto Cake

Coolest Cartoon Cake Ideas from the Movie Madagascar

For my daughter’s first birthday, we chose the Madagascar movie theme. I used a Betty Crocker cake mix, and a round cake pan. For Gloria, the Hippo’s face, I did not use a stencil. I free-hand drew the face, by looking at the Madagascar character picture. I drew the outline of her face first, then … Read more