Coolest Homemade Elephant Birthday Cake Pictures and Tips 4

I baked two 9×13 in. cakes and then stacked them on top of each other. Then I cut the whole cake in half and placed them next to each other like a “T” shape. The horizontal became the head and vertical became the body. Next, I rounded the elephants head and body free hand with … Read more

Coolest Heffalump Birthday Cake

Homemade Heffalump Birthday Cake

An A4 sized roasting tin was used to bake a simple sponge, then covered in firm icing. I printed the picture onto an A4 sheet of paper and cut it into sections ie. head, ears, body. I used these to cut the shapes out of a rolled out sheet of firm icing which was the … Read more

Coolest Heffalump Cake

Coolest Heffalump Cake Ideas

I made this cake for my niece who is in love with the Heffalump movie. I used two 9×13 cakes and carved the body, head, trunk, and legs. I used fondant to cover the entire Heffalump because it gives a more “cartoon” look. All the hair, seams, eyes, tail, and hair are also made out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Elephant Birthday Cake Pictures and Tips 0

I took a sheet and decorated with white and crimson icing. I then found an elephant coloring sheet and traced it with piping gel. I transferred the picture on to the cake. I used grey icing for the body. I used black for the toes, mouth, nose and eyes. I also drew on a football … Read more