Sweet Homemade Yellow, Blue and Red Curious George Birthday Cake

Curious George

I made this Curious George birthday cake for a friend’s son’s birthday. They had seen a “Curious George” cake made with a bowl instead of a pan, but I didn’t think it looked all that much like Curious George, so (with their permission) I found a good birthday-appropriate picture on the internet. It’s a two … Read more

Adorable Homemade Curious George Face Birthday Cake

Homemade  Curious George Birthday Cake

My son loves Curious George so I decided to make him a Curious George Birthday Cake for his 2nd birthday. I put this cake together after looking at a few different designs on this website. My goal was to make this cake as easy on myself as possible, so I wouldn’t get too stressed out. … Read more

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips 2

I prepared the cake mixes and baked 3 cakes in Pyrex glass bowls and 2 cakes in 9×13 inch pans. I used the bowl shape cakes to make the belly, face, and the top of the hat of Curious George. I cut out 3 circles from the rectangle cakes to make the rest of the … Read more

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips 7

For their individual cakes we just used an edible computer image and decorated them slightly different for individuality. For the main cake we used two different flavors for the cake: chocolate and strawberry. To help support the weight we bought these cool things from Michaels but I cant remember the name for them. They were … Read more