Coolest Maisy Mouse Cake

Maisy Mouse Cake

Although you can buy Maisy Mouse cake transfers I made this Maisy myself by just enlarging a picture I had of Maisy and using it as a stencil on rolled out icing. This cake was very easy and only took me a couple of hours to complete. I layered the icing to give it a … Read more

Coolest Maisy the Mouse Tallulah Bird Cake

Homemade Maisy the Mouse Tallulah Bird Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday, I made her a cake of Tallulah Bird, who is a character in the Lucy Cousins Maisy the Mouse series of books and videos. I started by screwing a structure with a 4-inch circle on 2 legs to the board on which I would put the cake. Then, I used … Read more

Coolest Maisy Mouse Cake

Coolest Maisy Mouse Cake Ideas and Photos

I made this Maisy Mouse cake for my son’s second birthday as it was his favorite character at the time. I baked a big rectangular sponge cake. I then copied a picture of Maisy’s head that I found in one of his books. I first covered all the top of the cake with uncolored butter … Read more