Cool Homemade Rock Climbing Cake

Homemade Rock Climbing Cake

So I planned a birthday party for my boyfriend [age 29 :-)], at the local rock climbing gym. Of, course, I immediately knew what cake I would bake/decorate. I started out baking peanut butter cake: 2-9 inch squares and 1-9 inch circle. The glue for the cake layers was peanut chocolate ganache. Normally I wouldn’t … Read more

Coolest Rock Climbing Birthday Cake

Homemade Rock Climbing Birthday Cake

This Rock Climbing Birthday Cake was made for my little cousin’s birthday party. The cake was held at an indoor rock climbing centre and was a great hit with the kids and parents. The cake was made with three chocolate mud cakes and white frosting. The fondant was colored and the letters and rock climber … Read more