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6 Awesome Homemade Mirror Glaze Cakes

I got my inspiration to create these mirror glaze cakes from the internet. But what made me work to make my cakes better came down to two reasons:

  •  I was invited on probation work in Germany after the manager came across my cake pictures on my Facebook profile page. I created 12 cakes for them. They were all different patterns and different designs, and the owner was happy. The manager (his wife) was also happy until I declined to give them all my recipes. She then she canceled my visa and told me that I make the worst cakes she has ever seen. So, I was out of the job once again.
  •  After all this I was heart broken and one day I was thinking that maybe she is right…maybe I do make the worst cakes on the world. So I emailed the one person who was my inspiration Ksenia Petrova (the master of these cakes) and I asked her what she thinks about these cakes. She had only nice things to say. And after hearing my story, she told me not to give up and to go my own way… so I did.

1. Two Color Mirror Glaze Cake

Mirror glaze cakes

This was a dark chocolate mousse cake with lemon sauce and fresh strawberries. The glaze was my idea as I was given a free hands on decorating it. Many people think this is plastic!

2. Cool Spiderweb Technique

Mirror glaze cakes

The inside of this cake was Ferrero Rosher dark chocolate mousse with milky chocolate and waffle filling and chocolate biscuit. My client ordered this for her birthday. She wanted it this way because she wanted her grandchildren to be surprised. She visited me and said that the cake was gone in 45min!

3. Seaside Inspired Mirror Glaze Cake

 Mirror glaze cakes
This one of my mirror glaze cakes was for a birthday of a little girl. She was sick and because of that didn’t go to the seaside for her Summer vacation.  So her mother asked me if I could make her cake look like the sea.

4. Delicious Chocolate Cherry Cake

Mirror glaze cakes

This cake was with dark chocolate mousse, fresh cherries and chocolate biscuit. I didn’t know it was going to come out looking this way. This spiderweb effect comes out differently every time I make it. Also, it depends of the size of the mirror glaze cakes.

5. Another Spiderweb Effect Cake Pattern

Mirror glaze cakes

This cake has the same Spiderweb effect but I cooled it differently. Flavors for this cake are a dark chocolate mousse with orange filling and plain biscuit. Inspired by a Jaffa cake.

6. Red Mirror Glaze Cake

Mirror glaze cakes

I was excited to try out a new cake mold, so I made this Ferrero Rosher cake with plain biscuits and buttercream filling. I made this for a birthday of a girl that I liked….but….and this was a surprise, she DIDN’T like it. Said she was a fan of traditional cakes. So….I didn’t like her any more.

Thank you for looking at my cakes. You can see more on my Instagram account @pastrychefbogdan.