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Thousands of Homemade Birthday Cakes Even Amateurs Can Make

There are over 30,000 birthday cakes on this site. We'll help you find the birthday cake decorating ideas and inspiration you're looking for so you can dream up and create your own amazing creations.

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With thousands of different birthday cake categories to search through, our Sitemap may seem overwhelming, but it's a great place to start. Below are the main sitemap birthday cake categories.


Character Birthday Cakes

The Character birthday cakes section is the most popular on the site. With thousands of different character cake designs, it's also the largest section. If you already know the character you're after, just the search the site. If you're looking for an idea, start off by drilling down through these categories.

Trending and Popular Birthday Cake

There's always some kind of birthday cake design that's trending at the moment. It could be a holiday cake or one that's based on a recent movie that's driving the cake-makers wild. Or, it could just be that good, old-fashioned castle or Barbie doll cake that will probably be trending forever. These birthday cakes are the most popular right now.

You don't have to be a professional cake maker in order to create amazing homemade birthday cakes. If you've got the motivation to create your own birthday cakes, this site will provide you with all the inspiration you need.

On this site you'll find thousands of homemade birthday cake ideas, cake photos, preparation tips, recipes, frosting techniques, and every imaginable "slice" of information to help you create your own cool birthday cakes. Just clear your mind and let your fingers lead the way. In no time you'll be skipping from one homemade cake idea to the next. Making notes. Dreaming up your own adaptations.

As visitors continue to submit new cakes, we continue to create new sub-categories. It's all manually done! Each and every cake submitted to the site is manually reviewed and added to the correct category. It's a whole lot of work, but it ensures that only high-quality content gets onto the site, saving you the time of having to sift for gems.