Thousands of Homemade Birthday Cakes Even Amateurs Can Make

You don't have to be a professional cake maker in order to create amazing homemade birthday cakes. If you've got the motivation to create your own birthday cakes, this site will provide you with all the inspiration you need.

On this site you'll find thousands of homemade birthday cake ideas, cake photos, preparation tips, recipes, frosting techniques, and every imaginable "slice" of information to help you create your own cool birthday cakes. Just clear your mind and let your fingers lead the way. In no time you’ll be skipping from one homemade cake idea to the next. Making notes. Dreaming up your own adaptations.

As visitors continue to submit new cakes, we continue to create new sub-categories. It's all manually done! Each and every cake submitted to the site is manually reviewed and added to the correct category. It's a whole lot of work, but it ensures that only high-quality content gets onto the site, saving you the time of having to sift for gems.

Featured Cakes

  • Skylanders CakePaint Roller Cake
    "Many of the people who saw this cake were shocked when they understood that this paint roller was, in fact, a birthday cake in disguise..."
  • Gruesome Brain CakeGruesome Brain Cake
    "This cake was one of the most simple cakes I've made, but got a huge reaction from FB friends and people who were at the party..."
  • Realistic Baby CakeRealistic Baby Cake
    "I love creating cakes that make people just stand there, stare in awe and just say - NO WAY - there's no way that what I'm looking at is a cake!..."
  • Stained Glass Lamp CakeStained Glass Lamp Cake
    "This cake was made for my antique-loving sister-in-law who could say only two words when she saw the cake... Shut. Up!..."
  • Titanic CakeTitanic Cake
    "This Titanic cake was a Titanic project for a little boy's birthday and every single piece of this cake is completely edible..."
  • Fender Electric Guitar CakeElectric Guitar Cake
    "Wow! This cake was a challenge, but after a considerable amout of trial and error, the end result was a great success..."


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