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Coolest Team Umizoomi Milli Cake

by Tricia C

Homemade Team Umizoomi Milli Cake

Homemade Team Umizoomi Milli Cake

My daughter was turning 3 and was asking for a Team Umizoomi cake for her birthday (which is her new favorite cartoon as she gets to see it before she goes to school). I asked her which character from the show was her favorite and she chose Milli.

I started this Team Umizoomi Milli Cake by baking a chocolate fudge cake (using a cake mix) but I substituted buttermilk in place of the water and I added an additional egg. I poured the batter into the only round baking pan i had which was actually a pie pan! I was going to make Milli's face/head.

I used a can of vanilla frosting and coloured half of it pink and the other half flesh (by putting a tiny bit of brown food coloring). I also had yellow icing in a squeeze tube and white and black cake decorating gel tubes.

I coloured Milli's helmet and hair pink, and her face flesh. Then I drew in the outlines of her helmet using the yellow icing tube. Next step was to draw her eyes and mouth with the black gel pen. Then I made the flowers on the helmet and squeezed a dot on her eyes using the white gel pen.

Last step was to stick in Twizzlers red licorice ropes for her pigtails!

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Love It
by: Sabine

Love it! We watch Umizoomi regularly and this cake is awesome!

great cake idea! thanks!
by: Cathy

My son will be turning 3 in Feb. and I will attempt to make this cake! He loves Umizoomi and I can't find cakes here in Texas so guess its up to me. THANKS FOR POSTING! U ARE GONNA MAKE ONE LIL BOY IN TEXAS SO HAPPY!

by: Anna

I absolutely love it I've been on the computer for weeks trying to find the perfect umizoomi cake for my daughter and i no matter what i did i couldn't find one anywhere....until yours. She came up to the computer and said "oh mommy, is that my cake?" hAHA so i hope you don't mind but im gonna try my best to make a similar cake for her. my guess is it wont turn out nearly as perfect as yours lol

by: Courtney Yarbro

I have a little girl and she loves team umizoomi to and that what kind of cake I wanted to make her or have made for her...I love your cake..Its great

Love your cake
by: Anonymous

Love the cake
Me and my daughter watch team Umizumi
All the time. Her birthday coming up an
I think she will love it if i make her you mili

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Coolest The Very Busy Spider Birthday Cake

by Sara S.
(Fond du Lac, WI)

Homemade The Very Busy Spider Birthday Cake

Homemade The Very Busy Spider Birthday Cake

This Very Busy Spider Birthday Cake was made for my cousin's first birthday! His very favorite book is The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

His mommy wanted marble so I used Chocolate Fudge and French Vanilla cake mixes from Betty Crocker. I used a 12 inch round, 9 inch round and 6 inch round. Each tier has 2 of each of the sizes. I went through 5 boxes of cake mix for the whole cake.

I baked, cooled and stacked the cakes and first did a crumb coat. I then put it in the fridge to harden up a bit then did the thicker layer of frosting which is whipped white frosting that I tinted using the gel food coloring. Textured the frosting with a spoon and "slapping" it to make it look like grass.

The fence was made out of the snap pretzels and broken in half. The spider web is melted sugar and then just swirled to make the web. Each animal from the story was placed on and there you have it, The Very Busy Spider cake.

He got to dig into the top tier for himself and boy did he ever! There was cake in every nook and cranny that there could possibly be. It was great, he enjoyed it and everyone else did too.

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Coolest Speed Racer Cake 32

by Colleen A.
(Boston, NY)

Speed Racer Cake

Speed Racer Cake

Bake two 9x13 cakes for this speed racer cake. Put one on top of the other and use icing to secure them together.

To cut and decorate the cake get a picture of the speed racer car to follow. Cut two notches in the front about one third up the cake. Cut two notches in the back about one quarter up the cake. Cut a square through the top cake in the middle for the seating. I used cake that was cut out and put it back in to the square to make the appearance of seats.

If I were to do this cake again I would have rounded off the edges a bit. Next, ice the cake all white. Color some extra icing red and black and make the outlines, this is where you can get creative. The number on the side of car is the age of the child I made the cake for and I put his name on the back, making it look like his name was on a license plate.

It was surprisingly easy to make and everyone loved it.

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