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Coolest Bakugan 10th Birthday Cake 17

by Lisa
(Sydney, Australia)

Homemade Bakugan 10th Birthday Cake

Homemade Bakugan 10th Birthday Cake

My son who is a big Bakugan fan asked if I could make a Bakugan cake for his 10th Birthday party. Wasn't sure at first but thought I would give it ago. Used Wilton round soccer ball pan and made the two halves, the only problem was the two sides didn't turn out even to make a ball shape, so that was when I decided to make the Bakugan in the open position.

With the smaller of the two sides, I cut it in half and then half again to make the wings. Then cut another strip with the remaining half to make the head, with a little leftover piece to make the nose and two small pieces for feet. All of these were attached with skewers and toothpicks into the position I wanted.

Icing was a buttercream icing, tinted with green and yellow colouring to make the body. The patterns were also icing sugar and water with the colouring, drawn on (or can use the icing gel, which would be easier.)

Total time to make this Bakugan 10th Birthday Cake was around 4 hours.

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Bakugan Cake

by jenn
(Buffalo, NY)

I got the inspiration from the bakugan game. My son got the game for his bday. it is a big round disc that has all the bakugan signs around the edge and the symbol in the middle. i just used two round 9 inch cake pans put them together, used white frosting and food coloring to get the color i wanted. I used the gel writting to make all the signs around the sides and for the top of the cake. i aslo used the decorating icing to outline the edges.I washed two of his bakugan he already had and placed them for more decoration. I make all my childrens cakes every year and this was a little difficult bcause when i drew it on paper it looked alot better, the gel was a little chalenging at times to make the design perfect but it was huge hit.

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Coolest Bakugan Cake

by Kim
(Dayton, OH)

Homemade Bakugan Cake

Homemade Bakugan Cake

My son wanted a Bakugan cake for his 9th Birthday. I looked on every site and couldn't find any type of Bakugan cake, since they are so new.

I made a basic 1/2 sheet cake with buttercream icing. I used tip 12 (I believe) to do the ball trim around the cake. Wilton decorating spray was used instead of tinting all of the icing. This method took a lot less time, but be careful because it will run and drip just like spray paint if you use to much. You can buy the figures as a set in any toy dept. I copied and laminated the Bakugan cards instead of using my son's real ones. This way they aren't damaged and you can just throw them away when you are done.

This cake was a huge hit, especially because you can't find a Bakugan cake anywhere, yet.

Comments for Coolest Bakugan Cake

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Bakugan Cake
by: Georgie

Your cake is great! I am copying this for my son's 7th. He is so excited! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Holidays!

Bakugan Obsession
by: Yvonne

Thanks for the color idea because I had this same idea with the toy figurine. I wasn't sure how to do the colors but this definitely help me! My son is having a Bakugan Battle party so this finishes the last detail for me!
Happy Holidays!

bakugan party - help!
by: Julie

My son wants this theme for his 8th b-day party. Question for Yvonne - how/what did you do for a bakugan battle party? Please share details because I have no idea how to facilitate this.

Bakugan Battle Party
by: Yvonne

A friend of mine used foam board that you can get at any craft store or Wal-mart for the game board. If you have the battle arena, then you can use that of course. However, with the foam board you can have multiple battles going. In each corner she had a rule book and a picture of the characters. You can use the ones from the toy packaging or copy the cards if you want. Then you pair up the kids and set a timer for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, the kids trade places and battle the next person. You can rotate however you want depending on how many kids you have. The kids can keep score as to how many times they win and then the biggest winner gets a special prize, bakugan cards or a bakugan whatever you decide. To keep everyone's bakugan straight, give each child a plastic bag with their name on it and they can keep their battle items in that bag as they rotate. The prize is a great idea for a birthday party but you don't have to do that if you don't want to. My plan is to have this in my garage with a long table and to have snack foods for the party! I am also limiting the number of kids because I think it would be too crazy with a large group of kids, our limit is 6. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Bakugan Birthday
by: Kim

Thanks for the great cake idea. My son is crazy about Bakugan and wanted that as his birthday theme. Your cake has started my decorating ideas going.

Great Idea!
by: Pam

Thanks for this. I will definitely use this for my son's birthday cake. Any ideas for the Bakugan balloons or pinata?

thank you
by: nikki

hi there as said in the other comments I bought the figurines to put on the cake and was just unsure as to how to put it all together. thank-you for sharing your idea! you would think with the popularity there would be more out there
thanks again

it:,s easy
by: tim

go to praty city

Cool Mom
by: Jennie

I love this cake and just copied it to my idea sheet. The spray looks really great. I never thought of making a copy of the card and that will work great. My 7 year old will love his Bakugan cake and yours was the inspiration. You are a cool mom.

Great cake!
by: Laura

My son wants a Bakugan cake for his 8th birthday, and you are right there is nothing out there! Thank you for posting your cake it looks great, I will be making the same one for my son's birthday! Thank you!

bakugan craze
by: Jen

Thank you so much for the inspiration. You did an awesome job! My son's 7th b-day is in a month and I was going crazy trying to find something Bakugan. Not anymore!! :) Great work!

by: Kim

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments. I am glad to have helped by posting this cake!

by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your cake idea! Your cake is the only one I found do-able!

whole party?
by: Psyana

My son also wants a Bakugan party for his 8th birthday. My problem isn't the cake it's the rest of the decorations. Any helpful advice?

by: Psyana

I'm also on a very tight budget right now I just had a baby.

Great cake!
by: Valerie

Your cake looks great! My nine year old son wants a Bakugan birthday party too. I am also searching online for a pinata if anyone know where I can get one I would appreciate it. Thanks and everyone have a great day!!

by: Abby

OMG I am so glad I found your affordable idea my son is going to love his cake..thank you

Bakugan Pinata
by: Janet

Great Cake! I have a soon to be 8 year old who lives and breathes Bakugan so of course that is what he wants as his theme. has a Dragonoid Pinata for $15.99. I had to search the website by its order # to find it and order it. The order # is 161136. They will love it!!

Bakugan party - Pinata
by: Gymjulie

Hi - to the one who asked about a Bakugan Pinata - I have searched all over and have decide to make our own. My son, who is wild about Bakugan, will be 5 at the end of April and we have decided that it's going to be a great spring break craft project. We are using a punching ball as the base for the sphere. Using newspaper strips and a paper machie glue that I found on a website, we will create our Bakugan Ball Pinata! He has chosen to use Drago - so we will use red & yellow/gold tissue paper - cut into 2" squares with the end of a pencil and white glue. I'll just put the ball down as we decorate to get it "right" and I think it's going to be cool! Just don't want to forget to put a heavy zip-tie hanger up on the top! Hope this helps! I will post pictures when I get it done!

Bakugan Party Plan
by: Dawn

A complete Bakugan Party Plan - - From Invitations - Games - Menu and its 100% free to use!

thank you so much!
by: Heather

Thank you so much for putting this on a web site. i was going to make my 5 year old a cake today and I made the cake, bought a toy and decored the cake myself. Well I bought the toys (8 bucks a piece) and got on here and your the first one that popped up and that's what I made. It's not as good as yours. I just appreciate that there are still people out there helping others. Thanks again. My boy will be so happy!

by: Matthew

That is a great idea! I might like to try for my son's birthday!

Great idea!
by: Sarah N

My stepson has asked for a Bakugan cake for his birthday in August. I REALLY like the idea of laminating the cards to put on the cake! Thanks!

Bakugan Cake
by: Kim R

Thanks so much for sharing your great idea! I am making this for my son's 5th b-day party!!

by: Anonymous

I just wanted to tell you that u can get a Bakugan pinata for 15.00 at

you are my angel
by: Donna Toole

Thank you so much for sharing your idea, I make my nephew's birthday cake every year and each year he asks for something that takes me to another level. This year I was lost, even tried to talk him into something else (he was not having it...he is turning 6 was his response and he wants the coolest cake ever)so here I am surfing and you saved the day ....could have not let him down ....thanks a bunch.

by: Anonymous

great suggestion-
my cake turned out great!

New Idea
by: Crystal

I am actually making a Bakugan Sphere for my nephews 7th birthday. I will be using the sports ball cake pans to actually make a sphere then I am carving the details into it, covering it with fondant, and painting it. I will post pics when done. The party is Oct 24th so it will be after then that pics can be posted.

Bakugan Sphere Cake
by: Luke's Mom

Hey Crystal- I also thought of doing a sphere cake for my son's b'day. How did yours come out? Do you have any pics? thanks.

You are a life saver!
by: Melissa

Thank you so much for taking the time to put the cake online! I have been stressing over this! I originally wanted to make a cake in the sphere shape, but I am chickening out. So, your cake came at the perfect time.

love the cake idea!
by: Anonymous

I LOVED the cake idea and I am going to make it for my son's birthday party. Thanks so much for the idea!

Great Job!!
by: Katt

Your Bakugan Cake is AWESOME!!!
You did an amazing job. Your right no Bakugan Cakes out yet and so I said let me get the coolest picture I can find, scan it and put it on edible paper to place on top of a cake along with some Bakugans.
My son wants one for his party.
Great Job again.
Take Care

by: yolanda

i would like if you can make me one for my 11 year old son's birthday party asap. The party is Feb. 20, at 3:30 so if you can please get back with me at (414)736-2985 thank you.

bakugan cake
by: Amy

My son is celebrating his birthday on Feb 20th as well. I was able to purchase a cake from Walmart, they have 2 different ones to choose from or cupcakes. Hope this helps. They also have some paper plates and napkin supplies over in the card section. Best wishes!

Bakugan pinata
by: Anonymous

You can purchase a Bakugan pinata for $15.99 at

Awesome cake
by: R. Nichols

I have looked all over for a Bakugan cake. This is such a great idea. Seems pretty easy too. My son's b-day is 3/26/10 turning 11. He is going to love it. Thanks again for sharing.

Great cake idea!
by: Mary

My son just turned 9 and wanted a Bakugan cake. He had a few ideas of what he wanted but they sounded next to impossible. I looked on the internet and found your idea right away. This cake was easy and went together so well! LOVED the spray "tint" by Wilton to color the frosting. I cut a "star" shape similar to what you had in the middle (kind of like the white part on the back of a Bakugan card) and laid that on the top of the cake while I sprayed yellow and then red to leave a white star when I removed the paper. I piped a big "9" in the middle of the white and then wrote Happy Birthday and his name across the bottom of the cake (all in black). He LOVED his cake. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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Coolest Bakugan Cake 2

by Lisa M.

Homemade Bakugan Ball

Homemade Bakugan Ball

My friend's son (and mine actually) are obsessed with Bakugans!! So, for Logan's 6th birthday he begged me to make him a Bakugan cake! I was a little unsure at first, I'd never made a round cake, and those Bakugans can be pretty intricate! But I figured I would give it a shot!

I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan, and the recipe included to make a denser cake (Basically just use less oil :)) Then I followed the instructions for decorating a round cake.

Once I had all the teal colour on, I moved on to the patterns on the Bakugan I was using as a guide. It came together pretty quickly and was a HUGE hit with all the boys at the party. I would definitely make this cake again. Total working time, 5 hours.

Comments for Coolest Bakugan Cake 2

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by: tina

cool cake

Cake ?
by: Anonymous

What did you use for the designs on the cake?

by: Anonymous

I like Bakugan too!

Re: Designs
by: Lisa

Hi Anonymous, I have no idea when you left your comment, so I hope I'm not too late! Anyway! The whole cake is decorated with icing. for the indentations (where on a real Bakugan, it would open) I used a toothpick and wooden skewer. Hope that helps!!

by: kanwar

Can you give me the recipe?

by: Super ice-bat

Good work!

by: Anonymous

I have no idea how old this is, or when it was posted, but that is awesome! You are very creative and resourceful!! You should start charging for cakes like that!
I've been looking for ideas for my 5yr-old's birthday...thanks SO much for sharing!!

awsome ventus bakugan
by: skullkid

Like the cake dude you got a lucky dad

by: Anonymous

lucky, my mom would not give me a cake like that

by: ali

how big were the cake pans?

by: skullkid

does it open like the Bakugan toys

Pan size
by: Lisa

I used the Wilton Sports ball pan. So the cake turned out about the size of a small basketball.

by: Anonymous


Great cake, what type of icing did you use for it?

Awesome cake
by: Angela

Your cake is awesome! I will be "trying" to make this for my sons 8th :)

by: Lisa

The icing is all Buttercream.

by: Anonymous

my bro thinks it rules I don't

by: Anonymous

I used a crusting buttercream icing.

Bakugan cake question
by: Marci

I am going to make this cake for my son's birthday party Sunday. Did you use icing to seal the 2 cakes together or did you use dowel rods? This is a GREAT cake and I cannot wait to make it! I did a practice cake a few weeks ago and it looked great. Thanks for posting your fabulous work and ideas!

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