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Coolest Ballerina Birthday Cake 4

by M Vieira
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

Homemade Ballerina Birthday Cake

Homemade Ballerina Birthday Cake

I wanted something different for my little girl's 2nd birthday. So I thought I'd try molding something. This ballerina is the first time I've ever molded a figure and I was pretty happy with the outcome. I was looking for simplicity but cute too. I saw this Ballerina Birthday Cake on Flicker and thought it was a good idea.

I made a chocolate cake with a Nutella and chocolate filling. I was nervous it wouldn't turn out okay. The little ballerina is made out of fondant, I think I'll try modeling chocolate the next time I mold something.

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by: Anonymous

how did you make the doll?

by: Anonymous

love the ballerina! She's so cute:) How do you make a nutella and chocolate filling? Sounds finger licking good!

by: M Vieira

I made the doll out of fondant. I just sculpted her by hand. To make the ruffly part of the dress I bought a cutter and rolled over the edges like when you make flower petals. I layered them on top of each other around the body and put balls of plastic wrap in between to create the lifts in the dress. (i made sure to rub shortening on the ball of plastic wrap so as not to stick).

I did the doll the day before, the body, the head and the legs all separately. The day of I assembled her.

Sorry, the filling was of nutella (melted) and spread over the layer, I sprinkled some toffee bits on the nutella and then layered chocolate pudding on top of this. It was good. The buttercream I used was the italian meringue buttercream, so it's not too sweet.

So cute!
by: Loriann

The ballerina cake is absolutely adorable and the cake sounds delicious! You are really talented and should definitely think about doing cakes all the time.

silver pieces
by: Anonymous

cute!!!! whats the silver beads or balls?

This is so adorable!!
by: Anniesgalaxy

If this is your first time molding, then you are born with an artistic gift! This cake is so adorable and give yourself tons of "kudos" great job! I will definitely practice and mold for my daughter's 12th birthday cake!

Yes, it is....
by: M Vieira

Yes, that was the first time I molded anything and I was happy with the ending. I find doing cakes a stress reliever if you can believe that.

My friends are trying to convince me to do cakes on the side for extra cash, so I'm really contemplating it now.

The silver balls are the Silver Dragees that can be bought at a cake supply store.

by: Hope's Mom

Just a tip for you. Instead of using plastic wrap for your lift between the skirt layers that you wanted to lift, next time just try parchment paper. It will not stick and you won't have to grease it. Thanks for the Nutella tip - I hadn't thought of that before.

by: Melissa K

What a beautiful cake, and I wanted to tell you it was the principal inspiration for a cake I made for a much loved little girl this past weekend.

by: Melissa

Did you have an invitation that went with this theme? The cake is beautiful and I would like to make one like it for my daughters first birthday.

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Coolest Ballet Slippers Cake Idea 8

by Erica
(Midland, MI)

This is a picture of a Ballet Slippers Cake Idea I made to celebrate my daughter’s ballet recital. I always browse this site for ideas before making my cakes, so I thought I should post my own.

I used the ballet slippers cake pan from Wilton’s. I used white cake mix and homemade buttercream frosting. Her ballet costume was light purple and mint green, so I stayed true to those colors. It was muggy that weekend and the frosting didn't hold up as well as I'd hoped, but the cake was still yummy.

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Coolest Ballerina Dancing Cake 7

by Tearna C.
(Orange Australia)

This cake is a dark choc mud cake all the figurines roses and ballet shoes are all made by myself the cake has a dark pink fondant covering and has around the sides fonadant ribbons roses and to add a special touch i added inserted ribbon if you have nay questions post me a msg than you for looking

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by: Anonymous

This is so cool! I was just wondering what materials you needed to make this whole cake.I would love to do something like this and it would help me out a ton if i what I actually needed

cake ,d best1
by: manju surana

the cake was good.i think that it was a suitcase made up of cake.good..................

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