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Coolest Homemade Batman Birthday Cake Ideas

This homemade Batman birthday cake is a 9″ double layer white cake with buttercream filling, frosted with homemade buttercream frosting and covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. Everything on cake is edible and homemade. (You'll also find inspiration from these Batman birthday cake ideas.)

  • Coolest Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

To make the mask, I used my grandsons plastic batman mask as a template and mold.

  • I rolled out a circle of black fondant.
  • I set the mask on top of the circle and cut the shape of the mask out.
  • I rubbed Crisco on top of the mask so the fondant wouldn’t stick to it!
  • I put the mask shaped fondant on top of the mask and formed the fondant to the 3-d shape of the mask.
  • I let it dry on top of the mask for three days.

After the mask was dry I attached two lollipops to the back of the mask with more black fondant and edible glue which I made out of tylose powder and water.

Believe me when I say, “If I can do this so can you. I am not a professional cake decorator by any means!”

Batman… is everyone’s Hero! This homemade Batman cake proved to be quite a hero too!

Batman Arkham City Asylum Cake

I made this Batman Arkham City Asylum cake for my son’s friend’s 21st birthday, only briefly I was given that he loved Batman, Joker & Riddler!

  • Batman Arkham City Asylum Cake

I quizzed my son and he suggested basing cake on the game version rather than film versions, the game is darker and a bit more unhinged than the films!! Arkham Asylum being a big part of it. I looked online for reference as I had NO idea what it was, being over 21 lol! I loved the Joker’s face being the entrance to the fun house, the cake evolved from that image .

I wanted the cake to be a wonky cake to suit the unhinged idea, the bottom tier is a double height square and a single top tier square which were carved wonky in all directions. I freehand cut out building shapes from embossed black fondant all different, and let them dry. I put yellow icing behind some windows to create light. To continue to wonky theme I offset cake boards to give an unusual step entrance to the fun house. They were covered in a black/grey marbled fondant.

When building shapes were dry I stuck them around the bottom tier in layers to create a city shape, trying to give depth and various heights to the scene.

I loved sculpting the Joker face/entrance, fondant was layered up to create the muscular look of the face in the game. I think I started channeling Joker during this as the occasional manacle laugh escaped , and I was starting to resemble him with bloodshot eyes!!

Batman himself I modeled separately on a base so that he could keep him afterwards. In the game he is an armored Batman, so had to add a lot of details, and working on his codpiece raised a smile or two!! I also modeled a Riddler figure who sat on the cake and also hid a Riddler trophy on the cake as this is something you have to find during the game.

The whole Batman birthday cake including figures was dusted with various colors to create more depth to Joker’s face, iridescent lustre dusts in blue/purple/green were dusted all over the buildings/steps and Batman figure to add atmosphere.

The cake was a devils food cake on the bottom, thought that suited the sinister theme! And a marbled choc/vanilla cake on top. Both were covered in chocolate ganache and black fondant.

I was thrilled with the final cake and Jamie loved it too which is more important. Now got to think what to do for my son’s 21st!

Coolest Batman Birthday Cake for 7 Year Old Boy

  • Coolest Batman Birthday Cake for 7 Year Old Boy

This Batman birthday cake was one of the easiest cakes I have made so far. My greatest tips are to buy cake mix for the cake and precoloured fondant. It takes the edge off! This cake is a chocolate mudcake underneath. I used dowel and an additional round silver cake base under the top tier. I used a plastic batman figure for the top of the cake. I bought a 2.5cm cookie cutter for the Batman emblem. My son loved his cake!

Coolest Batman Birthday Cake

It was due to be my niece’s daughter’s birthday and she is 9 years old. I was asked to bake a cake for her birthday.

  • Coolest Batman Birthday Cake
  • Coolest Batman Birthday Cake

I had to make the Batman first so it would dry out. I modeled the top half of the body using a dark grey color and made the arms, then using a black icing I had colored earlier, I made the gloves and the neck. Now using a pink I made the head. I made it slightly smaller because I needed to add another layer of icing in black for the mask. When I made the mask I then made the ears to the mask.

I then made a number 9 in pink icing and set this aside to dry out. I then cut out stars in pink and lilac for the decoration. I now needed to cut out and shape the triangle pieces to make it look like Batman had burst through the cake and I set these aside to dry out too.

I covered the cake board in lilac icing and cut out the wording in pink the wording was then set aside. I baked a vanilla sponge cake and filled with jam and butter cream. When it had cooled I then covered in butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill. I then covered in white roll out icing and set aside to harden for a few hours. I then fixed a black ribbon around the base of the cake and made a small black bow and attached this to the ribbon.

I then drew on the Batman logo to the chest of the Batman and attached him to the cake using royal icing and attached the triangle pieces of icing to the cake. I attached the stars to the cake using a little royal icing and then attached the number 9 to the front of the cake and attached the wording to the cake board to finish off the cake. Finally a little sprinkling of glitter.

She loved her Batman birthday cake!

Coolest Two-Tier Batman Birthday Cake

I made this two tier Batman cake for my son’s best friend’s birthday. The idea is the bat signal is shining above Gothom city. First I made two 8″ round cakes and two 6″round cakes. I used basic butter cream frosting to cover the the two tiers. I frosted the 6″ tier with yellow butter cream frosting. I frosted the 8″ with blue butter cream.

  • Coolest Two-Tier Batman Birthday Cake

I then made some moldable chocolate by melting 1 pkg black candy melts and adding 1/4 cup corn syrup. I printed out the Bat signal from the internet, then traced it out on the rolled chocolate. Then I placed the Bat on top of the yellow cake. Then I cut out basic building shapes from the rolled out moldable chocolate and placed it around the blue cake.

I finished it off by adding dots of yellow buttercream frosting on my buildings. Then I carefully added the yellow cake to the top of the blue cake.

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