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Coolest Belle Birthday Cake 18

by Lisa H.
(Rockford, Illinois)

Homemade Beautiful Belle Birthday Cake

Homemade Beautiful Belle Birthday Cake

I made this Belle birthday cake for my cousin's daughter who turned 5 this weekend. It's my absolute favorite cake I've ever made.

Belle is made with Wilton's dome pan with two 8" layers underneath to make it tall enough for a real Bell Barbie. A hole was cut in the center of all three layers before construction, just big enough to slide Barbie in. Before inserting Barbie, white icing was used to pipe skirt with lots of frills. I sprayed skirt with yellow color spray then topped with edible sugar glitter. I used the spray because it gives the cake a nice iridescent look that gives it a softer look.

Before sliding Barbie in I wrapped her to the waist with plastic wrap and also wrapped her raised arm and head to protect her hair. Then I added frosting to her top half for her bodice and sprayed with yellow spray and added glitter. I slid Barbie in and piped icing around her waist to hide any gaps. Spray. I unwrapped and lowered her arms and added ruffles around her shoulders with yellow icing.

The base of cake is made with a 12" round 3" thick pan. Since Belle is solid yellow, I thought she would look pretty on a white cake. I added roses around the edge to go with the Beauty and the Beast theme. This entire cake consists of 4 cake mixes and 6 cans of frosting. Tip: I also use 1/2 cup of powdered sugar per can of icing to thicken icing well enough to use for decorating.

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princess belle cake
by: Margie

Your cake was beautiful, the only thing I would do different is to place the princess cake on top of a 1/4 sheet square and surround the princess with a garden of roses and leaves.

coolest birthday cake
by: Anonymous

The cake is absolutely beautiful. I showed it 2 my niece because she is crazy about princess Belle and her birthday is coming. She wants me to make exactly the same cake you made.

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Coolest Belle Cake 15

by Mary

Homemade Belle Cake

Homemade Belle Cake

My daughter loves all of the Disney Princesses, but around her 4th birthday she really focused in on a Belle cake from Beauty and the Beast.

I baked 4 - 8 inch round cakes and stacked them up. I shaped the top layer with a knife to make it round. I cut a long sliver of cake out of the center so I could place the doll in the cake. (I used two really long knives to do this) I find this method gives more cake than if you use a doll pan to bake the cake.

I always wrap the doll in plastic wrap so she doesn't get stained by icing. Then I just use a crumb coat for icing the cake and covered it with yellow icing using a rose tip.

I used fondant to cover her upper body. It was fun and my daughter LOVED it! Good luck to anyone who wants to make a doll cake of any kind. For the icing, I always use the Wilton recipe (found on their website) and I just use regular box cake!

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good job
by: valerieo

You did great....buttercream!!! not too many use BC, mostly fondant!

by: LENI

Love the pleats

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Coolest Belle Cake 17

by Deb D.
(Owensville, Missouri)

Homemade Beauty & the Beast Belle Cake

Homemade Beauty & the Beast Belle Cake

This Belle cake was made using a Wilton sport ball pan, and a 6 inch layer pan for the skirt.
After baking and cooling I placed them in the freezer to make sculpting and icing easy later.

The top (doll portion) was made using fondant. You could also use modeling chocolate. I did the skin colored body, head, and arms first on a dowel rod, and allowed them to air dry for a day.
I then put together and iced the skirt portion with regular buttercream icing. I placed the hardened body on top (dowel goes down into the layers of cake center) and iced the top of the dress on her body.

I then added hair with additional fondant, and painted features with a fine paint brush and food colorings.

This whole cake was edible, except for the dowel rod down the center. This was my first try at making a face, could have been "prettier" but I was pretty pleased with the results anyway.

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Great job.
by: Anonymous

I think anyone who can come up with creative ways to create a child's cake should be applauded.

These people who have left nasty comments need to get a life! I'm sure with the level of maturity shown here, they must have nothing better to do than mock other's creations.

by: Caitlin

This cake has inspired me to make one using fondant shapes in my baking class at school.

Thanks for so much!

by: darnleymom

This is awesome. I am going to give this a whirl and only hope it comes out as sweet as yours!
Thanks for the help in deciding a barbie, or give to give it a whirl with the fondant!

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