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Homemade Nintendo Cake

by Summer D.
(Carthage, NY)

While I obviously did not create the Nintendo, I did create this awesome Nintendo cake! I do not own any rights or share in nintendo, this cake was purely for the fun of being creative with icing. I know it may not look AMAZING but I feel that I did a rather good job on it :)
I made this cake for a dear friend of mine, Alex, who is one of the biggest gamers I have ever known. This was his cake for his 25th birthday, and he was completey excited to see it.
I usually make all my cakes from scratch but since I knew this one would take more time to decorate I stuck to boxed cake mix. You can obviously make it from scratch if you desire. I used my actual Nintendo console to help me create how the cake would look in the end, I color matched as close as I could by mixing food coloring, I dislike fondant so I stick to using icing only...although i am sure this cake would have looked more professional if i used fondant.
To creat the CONSOLE part of the cake, I baked a normal sized cake and once cooled i cut the cake in half and stacked it on top of eachother, creating the width and height needed. For the CONTROLLERS I used two (2) seperate mini bread loaf pans, they were the perfect size for a controller. I filled the bread pans about 1/4 of the way, and had to keep a close eye on them as they baked. And with the left over mix I just made some
cupcakes for my one likes to waste cake mix! Once cooled, I cut everything down so it was perfectly squared, then began to mix my colors and decorate. You need a light gray, dark gray, Red and black. The cord was created by just using icing and putting it down last after everything was in place how i wanted it on the cake. The only negative part about darker colored icing is the flavor since you use more coloring to create the darker shade...very bitter to me.

I hope you all enjoyed my little project, as I said it may not be perfect but it was worth the hard work, and the reaction from my friend Alex when he saw it. He didn't even want to eat it, cause he sid it was too pretty. :) And he also didn't want all of our friends eating all of it, haha.

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