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Homemade Pink First Birthday Cake

by Chanda

Baby Smash Cake

Baby Smash Cake

Baby Smash Cake
Both Pink Ruffle Cakes

A mom wanted to throw a "Shabby Sheek" first birthday party for her daughter and sent me a picture of a cake she found. So easy and so beautiful! I made two cakes, one for the attendees of the party and one for the baby to smash and eat. For the Baby cake I made three 6" round white cakes and stacked and with white buttercream icing in between each layer. Then I added a coat of icing to the entire cake. Next, I made a batch of pink icing and a batch of white icing. I got my decorating bag ready with tip #104. I filled one side of the bag with white icing and the other side with pink icing. It doesn't have to be perfect. You start at the bottom of the cake with the fat opening on tip #104 against the cake and the smaller opening facing away from the cake. You then go back and forth in about a one inch motion as you go towards the top of the cake. Don't stop until you are just above the top of the cake with the icing. This creates a beautiful ruffle in pink and white. Go all the way around the cake starting at the bottom each time. Once you have covered all of the sides of the cake, then start on the top along the outside and work your way in. Once again make sure the smaller opening is facing outward. This cake requires a ton of icing, so be sure to make enough!!
The big cake is two 14" round cakes for the bottom and two 10" round cakes stacked.
Such an easy elegant cake to make!
I made this cake for one of the granddaughter of one of the bosses in my office. I was pretty nervous about her reaction and she said it was, "Totally amazing!" All I could say was...WHEW!!!

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