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Homemade Pixie Hollow Fairies Cake

by Signe Thompson
(Glendale, Arizona)

Pixie Hollow Fairies Cake

Pixie Hollow Fairies Cake

I made this cake for my granddaughter's 5th Birthday Party. Leticia loves Tinkerbell and her friends. I searched this site and others for ideas. I copied the stacked cake idea, but when I searched for the Fairy Cake Toppers, Amazon had a different set of Fairy toys, instead of the stampers that are made as cake toppers, I chose to use figurines with their own stand. I thought this would be better played with after the cake was gone.
Materials Needed:
• Two (2) boxes of Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix, which yielded (4) 13x9 cake layers
• One (1) set of Disney Pixie Hollow Fairy Figurines
• Two (2) cans of Vanilla Whipped frosting
• Wilton tints (I have the set of 12) so I always have colors needed
• Wilton Butterfly cake decorations
• Light Whipped Cream
• Light Cream Cheese
• Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding

Bake the cakes as directed, after cooled, wrap and put in freezer.
I made a lower sugar, cream cheese, whip cream frosting for in between layers, just so it was a little lighter cake…the canned frosting can get a little too overwhelming.
Cut and layer the cake as per the photo, using the lighter frosting in between the layers. I put some dowels thru the tallest part of the cake, just to make sure that it wouldn’t slide off during transport to the party.
I tinted about ¾ can of frosting a light green for the entire cake, except for where you would like the water(fall). The last ¼ can was tinted light blue for the water. I fluffed in some white frosting in the water area where it ‘fell’ over the edge to show movement. The rest of the designs were just made up. My daughter did the scroll designs on the sides of the cake. We placed the figurines on top and just started adding grassy areas and flowered areas using a standard star tip. We placed the areas near the base of the figurine stands to help support them. Added the premade butterflies…and finished off the base edge with some non edible silk flowers….
The guests loved the cake and couldn’t believe that I had made it myself, my granddaughter after blowing out the candles screamed out, “No grandma, please don’t cut it!”….it was all worth it.

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