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Homemade Scarefest Birthday Cake

by Jo Jo Lupinetti
(Levittown, PA)

Top view of car and casket

Top view of car and casket

Top view of car and casket
Sideview of cake

Skull ghost tree

For my fiancee's father's 60th Birthday, we decided to do a Halloween costume party. So, I decided to make a cemetary cake with a classic car (he collects hotwheels), and an extra large chocolate skull with a scary tree which held merangue cookies shaped like ghosts. Everybody absolutely loved it! It was sooo much fun to make as well. I used a sheet cake pan, a car cake pan which makes 8 cars, fondant, chocolate molds,skewers and wiltons icing. Two days before the party, I prepared all of the chocolate (skeleton, casket, large skull, etc.)and put it in the refrigerator. I also prepared the merangue cookies, and the tree. Use whatever merangue recipe you prefer and simply mimic the shape of a ghost. The tree which holds the cookies is make of skewers broken and hot glued in a scary fashion and covered in grey fondant. The skeleton used a lot of melting chocolate but you need to heaviness to hold the cookies and the tree. Melt red,yellow,and white chocolate. Drizzle the yellow and red then fill with the white. Once it haredens, remove from mold and bore a hole to place the tree in the center of the head. fill the hole with melted red chocolate and allow it to drizzle on the top and sides of the skull. Cover the car cake with fondant and outline as shown in picture. Next, mix whatever colors you want your cemetary to be and start icing. I used a grass tip for the black grassy area the car sits on. Once all your icing is done simply place your molded chocolate and create your scary scene. I used black icing to create small spiders but I'm sure all those creative minds out there will think of lots of cool stuff to do! Enjoy!

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