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Coolest Ninja Turtles Birthday Cakes

"Shell"ebrate TMNT love with one of these radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday cake ideas. Dude, they are AWESOME!

When you're planning a Teenage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday party, the right cake can make for a wicked cool centerpiece and add that Cowabunga factor you're looking for.

Whether you're a novice or an advanced cake decorator, there's plenty of ideas to choose from. And if you absolutely MUST have one of the cakes you see here, but your skill level isn't yet up to the challenge, you can always show the image to your local cake decorator and see if they can replicate it within your budget.

Here's a few of our Editor's Picks to get you inspired.

1. Tiered TMNT Cakes

Tiered cakes are showstoppers. They have a way of grabbing our attention.

We especially love Simon's 2-tiered version with the Ninja Turtles exiting from a sewer atop a cityscape tier. This one is totally tubular.

Coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

Kathy's 3-tiered TMNT cake includes the turtles weapons and slices of their favorite food... pizza. And, if you're feeding a crowd, this cake serves 125-150 people.

2. The Sweet Face of Mutant Selfies

Ninja selfies in cake... it doesn't get sweeter than that.

Teresa's Leonardo cake is made with 50 cupcakes. It's bodacious, feeds 50 and it's the perfect choice for those who don't like fondant.

Coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

We also love the creativity of Darcy's TMNT heads on a platter... I mean heads on a pizza. What an original idea.

3. Heroes in the Half Shell

Ian's 1st birthday Ninja Turtles cake has our heroes chillin' atop a brick wall, but ready for any action a full moon night might present.

Coolest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

As you can see, there's dozens of ideas to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Grab your ginsu kitchen weapon of choice and let's start baking.

Be sure to return and share what you come up with. We'd love to see it and give you a pat on the shell for a job well done.

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