Cool DIY Tractor Cake

Cool Homemade Tractor Cake

I always use packet mixture – Betty Crocker’s fudge cake, because it freezes so well. I make the cake in advance, then cut and carve all the pieces.  I then used chocolate butter icing to glue the pieces into shape.  Because the cake is still frozen, the icing sets immediately, adding stability. I used blocks … Read more

Coolest Block Trolley Cake

Coolest Block Trolley Cake

I always use packet mix – Betty Crockers Chocolate Fudge, because you can freeze it a couple of days prior, then carve and slice out the shape. And the kids LOVE the cake – seldom any leftovers! I froze the cake, and cut out the trolley shape. I used off cuts to ice as the … Read more

Coolest Little Charlie Bear Cake

Homemade  Little Charlie Bear Cake

This Little Charlie Bear cake is one for those avoiding the use of food coloring – just two toned chocolate icing. I made the cakes in advance and froze them. Then, the day before I cut the cakes while frozen and “glued” them with raspberry jam, and refroze it in its shape. The icing set … Read more

Cool Homemade Block Trolley Cake

Homemade Block Trolley Cake

Freeze the cake a day before cutting out the center of the block trolley cake, then the cake will not crumble away. I suggest using a harder cake for the blocks (I didn’t and there were tears!) Pack the icing around the block, then freeze for 10 minutes. Bring the block out and immediately slice … Read more