Cool DIY Tractor Cake

I always use packet mixture – Betty Crocker’s fudge cake, because it freezes so well. I make the cake in advance, then cut and carve all the pieces.  I then used chocolate butter icing to glue the pieces into shape.  Because the cake is still frozen, the icing sets immediately, adding stability.

I used blocks of Styrofoam wrapped in cling film to support the cake and trailer. I used different sized cookies, which I glued to cake, then attached to the body of the tractor and trailer.

I used sculpting chocolate for the tractor tires, exhaust, grill and windows.

I have taken full step by step photos, available on request. Add comment below. The finishing touches were adding the candle and M&M’s to the trailer, immediately before serving the cake.

Cool Homemade Tractor Cake

Cool Homemade Tractor Cake

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