Coolest Little Pet Shop Monkey Birthday Cake

Homemade Little Pet Shop Monkey Birthday Cake

My granddaughter is enthralled with Little Pet Shop critters. She asked me to bake a cake in the shape of one of the monkeys and provided me with 2″ round stickers to pick from. Based on a 2″ round ‘girl’ monkey sticker, I created the cake from two 10″ round pans and two round muffin-type … Read more

Spongebob Cake

Spongebob Cake

My son decided he had to have Spongebob cake for his birthday. I searched around and decided not to buy a one-time use pan. A little odd for a 22 year old, so I knew I wouldn’t be using it again! Instead, I found the party plates and napkins at a local store, and copied … Read more

Cool 2D Homemade Train Cake Idea

Engineer George is 50!

I began with a standard 11×15 sheet and a photo of the rail engine that George is engineer on. His mother asked for something that would commemorate not just that he was 50 years old, but also included his profession and lifelong love of the railroad. I incorporated an actual photo of George ‘standing’ on … Read more