Cool Homemade Sheep Birthday Cake

Homemade Sheep Birthday Cake

I just used a 10 inch cake pan for the body and an 8 inch pan for the head of this Sheep Birthday Cake. I used two cupcakes for the feet. The lips, bow and eyes are fondant and the rest is just buttercream using the star tip. Lots of fun to make. Everyone loved … Read more

Coolest Baby Boy Cake

Homemade Baby Boy Cake

This baby boy cake is a half sheet cake decorated in pastel blue icing. I first made a square out of white icing and then added the blue around it. I cut the footprints out with a cookie cutter and the toes out with different size straws and for the small toes I used the … Read more

Coolest Ladybug Birthday Cake

Homemade Ladybug Birthday Cake

I made a 3D Ladybug Birthday Cake. I took two 10 inch round cakes and iced between them. I then cut the edges around the top cake and placed them around a 6 inch cake that was on top of it to round it off and fill in the gaps. I used fondant for the … Read more

Coolest Blue’s Clues Number 2 Birthday Cake

Homemade Blue's Clues Birthday Cake

I searched through many ideas and decided to cut out the shape of a 2 for this Blue’s Clues Birthday Cake and decorate with paw prints and blue. I printed off a small picture of blue and used an exacto knife to cut the shape out of fondant. I cut out six and then cut … Read more

Easy Homemade Ben 10 Watch Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this Ben 10 Birthday Cake from several other ideas online. I baked a 6 inch circle cake for the center of the watch and cut the band from another small cake I made. I used a star tip to pipe the icing on. I used piping gel tinted green for … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Dora Cake in a Pink and White Dress

Dora Cake

For this Dora cake I used a pampered chef bowl to bake the cake or dress part of the cake. I cut a hole in the middle of the cake and inserted a Dora figure for the doll. I iced the dress in a pattern I found online.

Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake

I carved the shape of the body out of a 9×13 cake and used 2 6 inch cakes for the ears of this Mickey Mouse Cake. I just used a star tip for the black and star tip for the flesh tone icing.

Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake

Homemade Spongebob Birthday Cake

I used a picture of one of the cakes on this website as a guideline and created this Spongebob birthday cake. I used a star tip for the whole cake. I took piping gel and traced on wax paper the face and then put it on the cake as a guideline.

Coolest Wall E Cake

Homemade Wall.E Cake

This is my first Wall-e cake attempt. It turned out well. I made two 1/4 sheet cakes. I cut one of the cakes in half and put the halves on top of each other icing between them for the body. I cut the eyes and the neck out of the other sheet cake. I also … Read more

Cool Homemade Camping Birthday Cake with Campfire

Homemade Camping Birthday Cake

This Camping Birthday Cake was a huge hit! The trees are sugar cones iced green. I used the star tip and pulled out long strands to make them look like branches. To secure them to the cake I used long pretzel sticks inside the cones. The tent is graham crackers iced together and covered in … Read more

Cool Homemade Carved Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

Homemade Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

To make this Hannah Montana Guitar cake, I blew up a picture of a guitar on the computer, printed it off and taped it together. I then traced it on a cake so that I could cut out the exact shape. I used fondant for the pieces on the guitar and drew the strings on … Read more

Cool Homemade Polka Dot Cake

Homemade Polka Dot Cake

This Polka Dot cake is a traditional fondant cake with buttercream icing underneath the fondant. I used a 10 inch cake on the bottom and an 8 inch pan on the top. I wrapped ribbon around the bottom edges of the cake and attached it with icing and added a black bow on the top … Read more