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Cool Homemade Camping Birthday Cake with Campfire

This Camping Birthday Cake was a huge hit! The trees are sugar cones iced green. I used the star tip and pulled out long strands to make them look like branches. To secure them to the cake I used long pretzel sticks inside the cones.

The tent is graham crackers iced together and covered in fondant. The rocks are all fondant. The stream is made from piping gel colored with blue food coloring. The campfire was my favorite part. It is fondant sticks/rocks.

I added the candles in the middle so that when lit they would look like a real campfire. I have also added marshmallows on tooth picks by the campfire.

12 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Camping Birthday Cake with Campfire”

  1. A friend of mine made this cake for my 8 year old son. We are camping nuts! and this cake was a big hit at the family party!

    Thank you!!

  2. I think this cake is great! Although I’m not
    sure if I have the skills to make this. Overall, good job!:)

  3. is this the blue and gold cake? doesn’t sound like the scout had much to do with it. too bad. I am an assistant den leader and consistently disappointed to see “scout” projects taken over by the parent. otherwise very creative with the fire part.


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