Cool Homemade Critter Cake

Homemade Critter Cake

This critter cake is only my second. I took a rectangular cake(boxed) and cut it in half. I put homemade lemon curd on the top of one half and then stacked the other half on top. I then covered it with butter cream. I coloured my fondant with Kelly green and lemon yellow color, rolled … Read more

Cool Homemade Finding Nemo Cake Idea

Homemade Finding Nemo Cake

This Finding Nemo cake is my first cake. I made a rectangular butter cake, cut it horizontally and filled it with lemon curd. I then covered the cake with butter cream. I made 5 different colours of blue fondant and mixed them together to get the swirled effect. The characters are all made from gum … Read more

Coolest Volleyball Birthday Cake

Homemade Volleyball Birthday Cake

I made this volleyball birthday cake for a friend who loves volleyball. It it only my third cake so not perfect by any means. Here’s how I did it. First by baking the cake( boxed) in a oven safe bowl, I turned the heat down slightly so that it would cook more evenly. I then … Read more