Easy Homemade Tigger Cake

Homemade Tigger Cake

I started this Tigger cake by making a rectangle chocolate sponge cake. I filled the cake using strawberry jam. Using a picture of Tigger I drew his face onto greaseproof paper. I placed the paper onto the cake and using a sharpe knife I transferred the face onto the cake. I then cut out the … Read more

Simple Homemade Carved Christmas Tree Cake

Homemade Christmas Tree Cake

I started this Christmas tree cake by making a rectangle chocolate sponge cake. For the tree I used a sharp knife to cut out the shape. For the tree’s tub I used some of the excess cake and using jam to stick it to the bottom of the tree. Using pre rolled icing I coloured … Read more

Cool Homemade Charlie and Lola Cake

Homemade Charlie and Lola Cake

I made a basic sponge cake for the main part of the face and used another smaller cake to make the chin. I then iced over it to give me the base. I copied the details on the face from a picture of ‘Charlie and Lola’ and I used different coloured icing for the face … Read more

Cute Homemade Football/Soccer Cake

Homemade Football Cake

I started this football cake by cooking two white chocolate sponge cakes in pudding tins. I found that they needed about 40mins in the oven, then to finish 5 minutes in the microwave or a steamer. I took one of the cakes and placed it right way up onto the board. I then spread a … Read more