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Simple Homemade Carved Christmas Tree Cake

I started this Christmas tree cake by making a rectangle chocolate sponge cake. For the tree I used a sharp knife to cut out the shape. For the tree’s tub I used some of the excess cake and using jam to stick it to the bottom of the tree.

Using pre rolled icing I coloured it green and covered the whole cake. For the tree’s tub I used brown butter icing. For the star I used yellow icing and molded into a star shape. I then placed it at the tip of the tree.

For the parcels I cut 3 small squares from the remaining leftover cake. I used pre rolled icing and coloured it in red, blue and purple colouring. I covered each parcel with jam to hold the icing on. For the parcel ribbon I used white pre rolled icing and cut two lines for each parcel. I then placed the two lines into a cross.

For the Christmas tree decorations I used a fudge icing pen to draw the string and then Smarties and jelly tots on top. I then used a red icing pen to draw 3 hearts.

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