Coolest Wolf Birthday Cake

Homemade Wolf Birthday Cake

A friend wanted me to make a Wolf Birthday Cake for her little boy. I found a wolf coloring page on the internet. Traced the wolf and cut it out. Colored gumpaste with Wilton gel color, and then laid the tracing on top of the gumpaste and cut around it with a sharp knife. Molded … Read more

Coolest Spider Halloween Cake

Homemade Spider Halloween Cake

I made this Spider Halloween Cake using a 10″ round pan. I made 2 layers, and filled them with strawberry filling. I let the icing crust, then pressed paper towels with a pattern into it to give it a pattern. I piped the spiderweb using a round tip, and made the spiders out of small … Read more

Coolest Madea 50th Birthday Cake

Madea 50th Birthday Cake

A friend called and asked me to do a 50th birthday cake for his wife, and wanted to know if I could do Tyler Perry’s character “Madea”. I found a picture on the internet, sculpted it out of gumpaste that I colored using Wilton gel colors, and laid it on a sheet cake. I used … Read more

Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

This Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake was made with a 6″ round top tier and an 8″ round bottom tier. Both double layers with Wilton’s buttercream recipe in between. The bottom tier is covered with buttercream and I used white fondant polka dots. The top tier is buttercream. The Minnie Mouse faces are black fondant cut … Read more

Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea

This Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea was made for a little boy’s birthday. I baked an 11 x 16 sheet pan. I covered the cake with buttercream icing using blue gel color. The Spiderman mask was one my 3 yr. old had so I placed it on the cake and traced around it with a toothpick. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Football Helmet Cake for my Nephew

Homemade  Football Helmet Cake

I made this football helmet cake for my nephew’s Sr. high school football players and the whole team. It was to recognize the Sr. football players. I used 2 8″ round pans, and 1 8″ round Pyrex bowl for the helmet using a pound cake recipe. I carved the helmet out of the cake. Covered … Read more