Cool Homemade Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

Homemade Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

This Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake is the first cupcake cake that I made for a little girl’s birthday party. The child’s mother wanted a Hello Kitty cupcake cake. I searched the internet for pictures of Hello Kitty, one that I knew would be perfect. I decided to test my skills and create the actual shape … Read more

Coolest Clowns on a Drum Cake

This is my first clown cake that I created while taking Cake Decorating Classes at Michael’s Craft Store. The idea of the Clowns on a Drum Cake was in one of Course books that we had to use. It is a two layered cake iced and decorated with tinted buttercream. The body of the clowns … Read more

Coolest 3D Pool Cake

Homemade 3D Pool Cake

This 3D Pool Cake is my first 3D cake. My sister asked if I would make a cake for my niece and nephew’s birthday pool party. I made the accessories ahead of time out of fondant. I used a 10″ circle cake pan, two layers high for a total of 4 circles. After freezing the … Read more