Coolest 3D Pool Cake

This 3D Pool Cake is my first 3D cake. My sister asked if I would make a cake for my niece and nephew’s birthday pool party. I made the accessories ahead of time out of fondant. I used a 10″ circle cake pan, two layers high for a total of 4 circles. After freezing the cakes I iced 2 of the circles and placed the other two on top making two, 2 layered circle cakes. Then I cut a small portion from both cakes so that I ended up with a flat edge on both, to ice together making on big cake.

About an inch from the edge, I cut around the entire cake, not too deep but just enough to make the inside of the pool lower than the edge. I used a thin layer of buttercream to ice the cake so that the fondant would stick well. For the water, I tinted piping gel and spread it inside to make it look realistic.


2 thoughts on “Coolest 3D Pool Cake”

  1. brilliant , i want one for my daughters 9th birthday pool party, where are you based?lol and how much for one the same? all i would want changing would be the colour of swimming aids and towels id have them in pink!my daughter loves pink. its fantastic you are very good at this,best i’ve seen.


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