Coolest Mr Men Birthday Cake

Homemade Mr Men Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Mr Men Birthday Cake for his 4th birthday, he wasn’t bothered which Mr Man so I thought Mr Bump might be the easiest to make. I made two 9 inch round cakes using a basic Victoria sponge recipe (4oz butter, 4oz sugar, 4oz flour, 2 eggs and a little hot water. … Read more

Coolest Farm Birthday Cake

Homemade Farm Birthday Cake

I made this Farm Birthday Cake for my son’s 2nd birthday, he loves farm animals and I thought this might be the simplest way of doing it. I made two 11 inch square cakes just using a basic Victoria sponge recipe and sandwiched them together using butter icing. I iced all over the cake with … Read more

Coolest Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

Homemade Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

I made this Pirate Ship Birthday Cake for my sons’ 5th birthday. The ship is made from 2x 11″ square sponge cakes. I cut both the cakes in half and stacked 3 of the halves using butter icing (double the amount of icing sugar to butter), from the remaining half I cut extra bits to … Read more